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Things Personal Trainers Say! (Fitness Definitions Part 1)

Ever have watched a fitness video or had a PT explain a workout and it sounds like a completely different language? Yep, it happens! Continue reading “Things Personal Trainers Say! (Fitness Definitions Part 1)”


Easy Ways To Stay Motivated: Winter Fitness Edition

Cold. Dark. Rainy. Welcome to winter in Australia. Continue reading “Easy Ways To Stay Motivated: Winter Fitness Edition”

I’m back! (+ A Video!)

It’s been a while. Continue reading “I’m back! (+ A Video!)”

What Reality TV Has Taught Me

Confession: I love watching really bad reality TV.
Continue reading “What Reality TV Has Taught Me”

Catching Better ZZZ’s

I love sleep. Continue reading “Catching Better ZZZ’s”

Project Change: A Life Update

This has been a long time coming. Continue reading “Project Change: A Life Update”

Nerdy Ways to Stay Fit

Thinking outside the box is something nerds are known for. So why is it when we think about being physically active, we often get stuck in the same box all the time, thinking only of going to the gym, running, and traditional sports? There is so much more out there to try! Continue reading “Nerdy Ways to Stay Fit”

What Does Self-Care Really Mean?

Recently I was watching an Anna Akana video about what does self-care really mean, and it struck a cord with me. Continue reading “What Does Self-Care Really Mean?”

My 3 Tips to Staying Healthy While Vacationing

Going on vacation can be a lot of fun! New experiences, exploring new cities, trying different food… so awesome! But it also means a break from regular routine in terms of food and exercise. This can be rough, especially when you are finally nailing your day to day routine. So what keeps me on track while on vaca? Continue reading “My 3 Tips to Staying Healthy While Vacationing”

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