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12 Gift Ideas From 12 Different Fandoms

There are so many different fandoms out there! From comics to anime, ponies to zombies, it can be hard to choose just one when trying to define what you love. So why choose?  Continue reading “12 Gift Ideas From 12 Different Fandoms”


Fit & Nerd’s 2017 Health, Wellness, and Fitness Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again! Christmas time! And that means gift guides! Continue reading “Fit & Nerd’s 2017 Health, Wellness, and Fitness Gift Guide”

Try It: Freeletics

Want an app that offers intense workouts that require little to no equipment? That tracks your progress for you? That lets you customize the workouts to suite your specific training needs? Then Freeletics could be the app for you! Continue reading “Try It: Freeletics”

Easy Nerdy/Geeky Date Ideas

Bring on date night… nerd style! Continue reading “Easy Nerdy/Geeky Date Ideas”

Easy Healthy/Active Date Night Ideas

Keeping things fresh with new date ideas can be hard. Continue reading “Easy Healthy/Active Date Night Ideas”

Try It: Reformer Pilates

This has to be one of the sneakiest full body workouts ever! Continue reading “Try It: Reformer Pilates”

Confidence and Comfort Zones

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
Continue reading “Confidence and Comfort Zones”

Weekly Workout: Heads or Tails

Working out should be fun! I do love a session that is focused on building strength or endurance, and they are a pretty big staple for me. But every once in a while though, I like to do a more “fun” workout that isn’t hard and heavy. So I created one that involves a bit of chance! Continue reading “Weekly Workout: Heads or Tails”

Seven Healthy Snack To Try During Your Next Gaming Session

Who doesn’t love a tasty snack? Continue reading “Seven Healthy Snack To Try During Your Next Gaming Session”

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