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Weekly Workout: Heads or Tails

Working out should be fun! I do love a session that is focused on building strength or endurance, and they are a pretty big staple for me. But every once in a while though, I like to do a more “fun” workout that isn’t hard and heavy. So I created one that involves a bit of chance! Continue reading “Weekly Workout: Heads or Tails”


Seven Healthy Snack To Try During Your Next Gaming Session

Who doesn’t love a tasty snack? Continue reading “Seven Healthy Snack To Try During Your Next Gaming Session”

5 Fun Ways I Get Fit During Summer

As I just got my first sunburn this morning, I think it’s officially on it’s way to being summer here in Perth! Continue reading “5 Fun Ways I Get Fit During Summer”

How to Geek on the Cheap!

Like many 20-something year olds, my extra-curricular activities are very much influenced by my paycheck. As I often don’t have a lot of disposable income, I have learned to get crafty with how I keep on doing activities that I love without spending a lot of money. Continue reading “How to Geek on the Cheap!”

Spiraling Down The Rabbit Hole: Ways I Deal With Negative Emotions

Every have one of those days? A day where all the little things start adding up and all of a sudden it seems overwhelming? Yep, me too. Continue reading “Spiraling Down The Rabbit Hole: Ways I Deal With Negative Emotions”

Lifestyle Challenge: 10PM Bedtime Challenge

Confession: I am not great at bed time routines and getting to bed on time. Continue reading “Lifestyle Challenge: 10PM Bedtime Challenge”

The Importance of Listening to Your Body

Your body talks to you. You just need to be prepared to listen. (And sometimes, go find a translator!)
Continue reading “The Importance of Listening to Your Body”

Motivation vs. Determination

“One gets you started, the other keeps you going.”

Continue reading “Motivation vs. Determination”

Try It: Heidi Somers 1000 Rep At Home Workout

Because 1000 Reps is just something you knock out casually right?  Continue reading “Try It: Heidi Somers 1000 Rep At Home Workout”

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