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August 2017

Try It: Sarah’s Day YouTube Workout Videos

I think I’ve found my new favourite HIIT workouts! Continue reading “Try It: Sarah’s Day YouTube Workout Videos”

Being Productive: Quick Tips To Staying On Top of Things

Now that I’ve gotten past most of the stress of my work life (I can see the light!), I am really focusing on getting the most out of each day. I finally had a day completely to myself, (my partner was hanging out with friends) and I finally felt I got my productive groove back! Not only did I have a great day with all my clients and at my desk job, I got tons done around the house (think complete living room clean!) plus a cheeky 30 minute workout on top of a 30 minute dog walk. Go me! Continue reading “Being Productive: Quick Tips To Staying On Top of Things”

Stressed Out: My Tips and Tricks to Managing Stress

The last couple weeks have been quite crazy for me. I had two job interviews (didn’t get either of the jobs), took over scheduling and daily housekeeping for two weeks at my PT job while my boss was away on vacation, currently covering shifts at the clinic I work at while the other receptionist is away, and have to learn new programming and class set ups at the other gym I work at. Plus, a rent inspection. It was nuts and I was definitely getting stressed out, but I am managing to get through it all! Continue reading “Stressed Out: My Tips and Tricks to Managing Stress”

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