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April 2016

Gym Rant: Dirty Shoes

Winter is my least favourite time of year at the gym. The gyms are typically crowded, temperature is never right (too muggy in Australia, too cold in Canada), and gym etiquette seems to go out the window. The last point leads me to today’s topic and one of my biggest gym pet peeves: dirty, non-gym dedicated shoes. Continue reading “Gym Rant: Dirty Shoes”


Glutes On Fire!

One of the most popular areas of the body to work on nowadays (especially for women!) is the butt! While I am not sure exactly when popular media started with its butt obsession, mine probably started in high school though for probably not the reasons you are expecting. Continue reading “Glutes On Fire!”

Friday Fun Favourites: April 22, 2016

I haven’t done a Friday Favourites in quite a long time. Not that I don’t find awesome things all week! It’s just there are only so many awesome things that I find/love that actually fit into this scope of the blog. I also try and balance a favourites list out, because not all of you love all things nerdy, and not all of you love all things fitness. (And I’ve been trying not to be fitness obsessed lately.) Continue reading “Friday Fun Favourites: April 22, 2016”

My Top 5 Nerdy YouTube Channels

It’s been gray and rainy here in Perth, which means dispirit my best laid plans, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. So instead of long days of dog walks on the beach, I have a cuddle pup while I catch up on TV shows and watch YouTube videos. That being said, at least there is quite a large amount of good content on YouTube nowadays! Continue reading “My Top 5 Nerdy YouTube Channels”

Weekly Workout: The Basics Workout

Today we are going right back to some basic exercises. These exercises are pretty common place in many workout classes or in workout videos. If you learn proper form and technique for each of these movements, you’ll have a solid foundation to build into more complicated patterns. Continue reading “Weekly Workout: The Basics Workout”

I Volunteer As Tribute!

While my experience as volunteering as “tribute” may not be as crazy or as serious as Katniss’s in The Hunger Games (thank you every day non-dystopian society!) it can still produce the “What did I get myself into?” moment. The prep, being shepparded and paraded around in fancy dress, people constantly talking about you right in front of you. All the fuss over a snap decision you made! It can be life changing! Continue reading “I Volunteer As Tribute!”

10 More Things I Have Learned as a Personal Trainer

A few months ago, I wrote the post “10 Things I’ve Learned as a Personal Trainer”. (You can read it here.) It has since been one of my most read posts to date, so I thought to give it a follow up! Personal Trainer has allowed me to grow so much and even in these past couple months I have continued to develop both professionally and personally. I love being in a career path that is dynamic and fluid, as no two days or even workouts are the same. Plus, it gives me some great anecdotes for this blog! Continue reading “10 More Things I Have Learned as a Personal Trainer”

How to Avoid Making Friends

Do you have too many friends on your Facebook page? Having to deal with consent invitations to parties and events? Have more acquaintances then Storm Troopers in Episode 4?
I have your solution! Here is the Fit and Nerd Guide How to Avoid Making Friends! You wont need to worry about pesky guild invites, DM’s on Instagram or daily bumps into friendly co-workers after reading this guide. Continue reading “How to Avoid Making Friends”

Last Minute Cosplay: Clark Kent / Kara Danvers

Clark Kent was my last minute outfit for Oz Comic Con Perth last Sunday. I really love getting into cosplay for a con, so I was really happy this all worked out. Clark Kent is very simple, looks good, and easy to move around a con (especially a crowded one). You can also find most of it in your own closet! Continue reading “Last Minute Cosplay: Clark Kent / Kara Danvers”

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