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How to Geek on the Cheap!

Like many 20-something year olds, my extra-curricular activities are very much influenced by my paycheck. As I often don’t have a lot of disposable income, I have learned to get crafty with how I keep on doing activities that I love without spending a lot of money. Continue reading “How to Geek on the Cheap!”


Get In The Game: Tips For Choosing A Gaming Laptop or Computer

Alas, there comes a time when all good things come to an end. Continue reading “Get In The Game: Tips For Choosing A Gaming Laptop or Computer”

Top 5 Nerd Health and Fitness Tips!

The world is changing and so must we! Continue reading “Top 5 Nerd Health and Fitness Tips!”

The Penny Effect: How To Feel Less Awkward Around Your Partner’s Nerdy Friends

Ever feel like an outsider when hanging out with your partner and their friends?

Yep, me too! Continue reading “The Penny Effect: How To Feel Less Awkward Around Your Partner’s Nerdy Friends”

The Workout You Should Try Based On Your Hogwarts House

Did you ever try a workout and think “That just wasn’t me.”? Want a bit more direction before randomly trying your next class? Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Then I have the answer for you!

Choose your next workout based on your Hogwart’s house! Continue reading “The Workout You Should Try Based On Your Hogwarts House”

Keep the Fun in Fitness: 5 Ways to Stay Fit and Have Fun

We’ve all been there. Dreading going to the gym, not looking forward to our morning run, or just not feeling motivated to show up to bootcamp. There’s something missing, but you just can’t put your finger on it. But maybe I can!

Are you having fun in your workout?
Continue reading “Keep the Fun in Fitness: 5 Ways to Stay Fit and Have Fun”

Why I Still Play Pokemon Go

Easily one of the biggest mobile games of 2016, Pokemon Go was a huge trend. I wrote about it even before I was playing it! (See the original post here!) I now have my own account (yay!) and even though it seems like the trend has died off quite a bit lately aka there are no longer videos of people swarming parks everywhere, I still play daily. And probably not for the reasons you think! Continue reading “Why I Still Play Pokemon Go”

12 Gifts For Cosplayer

From beginners to experienced cosplayers, getting gifts related to our chosen craft is amazing! Cosplay is definitely not the cheapest of hobbies with each cosplay having unique specifications that need to be taken care of. By gifting the cosplayer in your life one of these gift ideas below, not only are you save them money and time, but allowing them to create bigger and better cosplays. I’ve tried to make sure there are gifts at many different price point, so even if you are on a small budget yourself, you can still help the cosplayer in your life immensely.  Continue reading “12 Gifts For Cosplayer”

3 Australian Cosplayers You Should Follow

I’ve been in Australia for about a year and three quarters now and I have yet to do any real appreciation of the amazing cosplay talent down under! I think that I can often get into a bit of a bubble and forget that there is so much more to see besides the 5 or 6 main cosplayers that I follow on Facebook. I think this is made even worse by the fact is I’ve now gone to a couple cons and have actually so many great cosplays in person (see this article for Evolve 2016) and never followed up after the cons to see more amazing cosplays. To fix this, I went on a research mission to find some fantastic Australian cosplayers that I feel deserve some love and appreciation for all their hard work. Hopefully it become a jumping off point for you to discover new talent outside of your own “bubble”. Continue reading “3 Australian Cosplayers You Should Follow”

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