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November 2016

Try It: Pole Dancing and Stretch Classes!

Having a day off from work to be able to try new things is amazing! Now that it’s two weeks in a row of Try It: Fitness, Sunday is definitely my fun day.

Today I was off to Flying High Aerial Arts Studio to try my hand at pole dancing! And for good measure, add in a spilts class and a back & shoulders class. Because why just do one when you can do 3? Especially since two of the classes work on flexibility, something that I personally need to work on more. I have tried pole dancing once before about a year ago at another studio at another trial class, but never classes based on stretching and flexibility, so I was super keen to give those classes a go. Continue reading “Try It: Pole Dancing and Stretch Classes!”


Try It: My First Parkour and Handstand Classes

Needless to say, I had a bit of a busy Sunday!

I seem to be on a bit of a roll with finding free classes right now during my free time, so who was I to turn down another great opportunity! Another find over Facebook, I was especially excited since this class being put on by Class Pass was being offered at a gym I’ve been eyeing for months since another trainer mentioned them to me, called Movement Co. Unlike traditional gyms, Movement Co’s difference is evident as soon as you walk into the open and airy space that is filled with bars, rings, a climbing wall and a lot of mats. Offering classes in strength and conditioning, parkour, calisthenics, gymnastics and climbing, I couldn’t wait to try something completely out of my comfort zone! Continue reading “Try It: My First Parkour and Handstand Classes”

Try it: My First Pound Class!

What do you get when you combine drumsticks, pilates and dance? A Sunday morning of Pound! Continue reading “Try it: My First Pound Class!”

Testing out a new way to do the weekly workouts! Working to find something a little more user friendly, at least for the simpler workouts. So I present to you: the Arm Burner Workout! 1 round for a quick workout, or 3 rounds to really work those arms!  Continue reading “New Weekly Workout in a New Format!”

How To Become a Morning Person

Ever since getting back from my trip from Canada, I’ve been working to get myself on a more consistent schedule. No more late nights, and getting up every day at about the same time, Unfortunately, as a Personal Trainer, this new wake up time is now 5am, so I can comfortably be teaching clients and classes at 6am. I’ve never really thought of myself as a morning person (I think 8am is a wonderful time to get up!) but I am slowly adjusting to this new schedule and being surprisingly more productive! I feel like I’ve gain an extra 3 hours in my day! What a difference! Continue reading “How To Become a Morning Person”

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