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Weekly Workout: Heads or Tails

Working out should be fun! I do love a session that is focused on building strength or endurance, and they are a pretty big staple for me. But every once in a while though, I like to do a more “fun” workout that isn’t hard and heavy. So I created one that involves a bit of chance! Continue reading “Weekly Workout: Heads or Tails”


5 Fun Ways I Get Fit During Summer

As I just got my first sunburn this morning, I think it’s officially on it’s way to being summer here in Perth! Continue reading “5 Fun Ways I Get Fit During Summer”

Motivation vs. Determination

“One gets you started, the other keeps you going.”

Continue reading “Motivation vs. Determination”

Try It: Heidi Somers 1000 Rep At Home Workout

Because 1000 Reps is just something you knock out casually right?  Continue reading “Try It: Heidi Somers 1000 Rep At Home Workout”

Try It: Maddie Lymburner YouTube “Workout With Me” Series

It’s another Try It: Fitness post based around another YouTuber! Since I really enjoyed doing both Blogilates and Sarah’s Day for my Try It series, and I’ve been super busy lately and unable to get to the gym a lot, I decided to find another YouTuber that posted workouts specifically designed to be done anywhere. Because things are so much easier when the workout is all set for you and you just have to grab some space and do it! Continue reading “Try It: Maddie Lymburner YouTube “Workout With Me” Series”

Top 5 Nerd Health and Fitness Tips!

The world is changing and so must we! Continue reading “Top 5 Nerd Health and Fitness Tips!”

Try It: Sarah’s Day YouTube Workout Videos

I think I’ve found my new favourite HIIT workouts! Continue reading “Try It: Sarah’s Day YouTube Workout Videos”

The Workout You Should Try Based On Your Hogwarts House

Did you ever try a workout and think “That just wasn’t me.”? Want a bit more direction before randomly trying your next class? Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Then I have the answer for you!

Choose your next workout based on your Hogwart’s house! Continue reading “The Workout You Should Try Based On Your Hogwarts House”

Staying Fit With My Fur Baby!

I don’t mention it much on this blog but I am a proud fur baby momma! My fur baby’s name is Archer (also affectionately known as The Moondog) and he’s a beautiful 2 ½ year old schnauzer/staffie mix (we think. He’s a rescue, so we don’t know 100%.) Archer is very much a part of my daily life, which means he’s very much a part of my fitness journey. When we got him, we jokingly said he would be my partner’s fitness plan. In actuality, he turned more into mine! We go on daily adventures, rain or shine, as I know that Archer needs his daily exercise as much as I need mine.  Continue reading “Staying Fit With My Fur Baby!”

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