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I’m back! (+ A Video!)

It’s been a while. Continue reading “I’m back! (+ A Video!)”


Nerdy Ways to Stay Fit

Thinking outside the box is something nerds are known for. So why is it when we think about being physically active, we often get stuck in the same box all the time, thinking only of going to the gym, running, and traditional sports? There is so much more out there to try! Continue reading “Nerdy Ways to Stay Fit”

6 Ways To Make It Easier To Get Exercising

Today was a pretty blah day in terms of motivation. After work this morning, I didn’t have it in me to do much, which isn’t a good start to the week. I hemmed and hawed about whether or not I wanted to work out, but after my partner pointed out how much more productive I am post workout I finally got my butt in gear and headed off to the gym. Working out isn’t always my favourite thing, but there are simple things that I know make getting in my daily exercise so much easier. Because while I have wrote about determination over motivation before when it comes to working out, I still like to make it simple to remove excuses for not working out. Continue reading “6 Ways To Make It Easier To Get Exercising”

How To Measure Fitness Progress Without Stepping On The Scale

No matter what you are into fitness wise, it is always great to know that you are progressing forward! If social media and my own experience have taught me anything, weighing yourself is a pretty unreliable way of marking progress. Continue reading “How To Measure Fitness Progress Without Stepping On The Scale”

Try It: Dragon Boat Racing

Back in December on a cool and somewhat wet Sunday morning, I convinced my partner to come try a Dragon Boat Racing training session with me. Because what is a better way to spend a Sunday morning then being active and on the water? Continue reading “Try It: Dragon Boat Racing”

4 Simple Ways To Keep Health, Fitness, and Well-being On Your Mind

We all want to live our best lives. We want to be healthy, exercise, get enough sleep, eat our veggies, and stay on top of work-life balance. But sometimes it gets hard. Simple things slip your mind and instead of going to the gym you spend hours mindless scrolling through Facebook. And one workout becomes two, which becomes 5, and soon you wonder how your health and wellbeing totally slipped your mind?  Continue reading “4 Simple Ways To Keep Health, Fitness, and Well-being On Your Mind”

Three Fitness YouTubers You Should Be Following

There are tons of Fitness YouTubers out there! Which means that there is a ton information about “best” exercises, how you should be eating to get lean, and what the fastest way to a 6 pack is. How do you know that the information you are getting is correct and actually worth trying out in the gym? The answer: science! Continue reading “Three Fitness YouTubers You Should Be Following”

Fit & Nerd’s 2017 Health, Wellness, and Fitness Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again! Christmas time! And that means gift guides! Continue reading “Fit & Nerd’s 2017 Health, Wellness, and Fitness Gift Guide”

Try It: Reformer Pilates

This has to be one of the sneakiest full body workouts ever! Continue reading “Try It: Reformer Pilates”

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