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August 2016

Weekly Workout: 10 Minute Heart Pumping Cardio Routine

You know it is going to be a hard workout when your heart is racing after only the first complete exercises! I’ve been doing a lot of at home workouts lately, as it’s been both rainy here in Perth and I am trying to teach my dog that it’s not playtime every time I get on the floor! (It’s a work in progress, if you didn’t see my Squating With My Dog Post.) What I love about an at home cardio routines is as soon as I get motivated to get moving, I can be starting in under 5 minutes! That means less time to get distracted, no worries about driving in traffic, and as soon as I am done, I can quickly shower and get onto other productive things in my day! (Because we all are busy with life!) Continue reading “Weekly Workout: 10 Minute Heart Pumping Cardio Routine”


My Weight Doesn’t Define My Fitness Journey

I stepped on the scale for the first time in about 2 months this morning. Looking down, I read the number. Continue reading “My Weight Doesn’t Define My Fitness Journey”

Fitness & Health Expo Perth 2016

I’ve been to conventions before but this was my first time attending a strictly fitness related one. I was pretty excited to see everything that the Fitness & Health Expo Perth 2016 had to offer, as conventions are some of the best places to sample an industry without hours of online research. Plus, after spending the morning sitting at my desk job, being able to walk around for a few hours was a huge plus! Continue reading “Fitness & Health Expo Perth 2016”

Try It: Fallout: Shelter, My Thoughts!

Being on a budget means that my partner has gotten really good at finding a good game deal. (And I mean really good!) Recently, he re-found this 2015 game and invited me to give it a try. And I am quite glad I did! So here are my thoughts. Continue reading “Try It: Fallout: Shelter, My Thoughts!”

Squating with My Dog

Everyday I take about an hour of “me time” to fit in my own workout. Some days it’s easy. Some days I have 4 circuit classes to teach, 3 loads of laundry to do, 2 dozen emails to read, and one needy dog that thinks exercise means playtime! Continue reading “Squating with My Dog”

Weekly Workout: 5 Minute Ab Blast

It’s easy to make excuses not to exercise. Too busy, can’t get to the gym, just finished eating, lazy…. But today is not that day! I’ve been inspired by quick and shorts workouts lately, as they a great way to fit in your daily workout and you can easily stack 2-4 together to create a total body workout. And most of them a designed to be done at home! Continue reading “Weekly Workout: 5 Minute Ab Blast”

Top 5 Tips To Getting Health and Fitness Back Into Your Life!

Instagram filled with green smoothies and 6-pack abs but your life is all about the takeout and “Freshman 15”? Does it feel like there isn’t enough time in the day for studying, work, a social life, and staying healthy? Continue reading “Top 5 Tips To Getting Health and Fitness Back Into Your Life!”

Strong Arms Workout!

Happy Monday!

If you are looking to start your week off with a bang, this is the workout for you! It is super simple to remember, easy to execute, and quick to modify to your space. Whether you are at home, at the gym, in the park, or on a beach, this workout gets your arms and legs burning! I’ve run one of my clients here in Perth through three variations of this style of program and he loves it! So let’s get to it. Continue reading “Strong Arms Workout!”

Suicide Squad: My Thoughts

Yesterday my partner and I decided to break our typically 9:30pm bedtime and catch a 9pm showing of Suicide Squad. While we may be slightly paying for it today (we both ended up taking a long nap), it was so worth it! Getting to see one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2016 opening weekend hands down was worth losing a bit of sleep over it. Yep, I am a geek like that.

If you want to see the movie without another opinion weighing you down, I would stop reading here. For my review, keep reading on! I will try to keep any major spoilers out of it, but I will put “MINOR SPOILER ALERT!” just to be safe. You’ve been warned. Continue reading “Suicide Squad: My Thoughts”

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