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May 2017

Sweaters, Cinnamon, and Weekly Workouts: Tips and Tricks to Staying Healthy During the Colder Months

Brr!!! It’s officially winter temperatures here in Perth. As we end May and move in June, I find that winter can be the toughest time of year to keep on a regular training schedule and eat healthy. Due to the colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours, my fitness levels can change easily week to week and along with it my focus on my nutrition. But this year, I am more determined than ever to stay on top of both my fitness and nutrition throughout winter and come out healthier than ever before. Continue reading “Sweaters, Cinnamon, and Weekly Workouts: Tips and Tricks to Staying Healthy During the Colder Months”


Winter Wellness Meal Plan Check In: Week One

For those that haven’t read my post about BIA, I am currently embarking on a six week meal plan from The Happy Healthy Foody. This is my first time ever following a meal plan, so I thought I would detail my journey through weekly updates to give some real thoughts on how everything is going. Because like any life change, it usually isn’t as straight forward as it seems. Continue reading “Winter Wellness Meal Plan Check In: Week One”

Gear Review: lululemon’s $99 Sports Bra

While many peoples Instagram and Facebook news feeds get filled up with food pictures and random memes, mine are filled with workouts and active wear. So while the Starbuck Unicorn Frappuccino was taking over the internet, I was seeing ads for a sports bra that was supposedly a game changer in terms of support and comfort. But can one bra really be so different then all that came before it? And for a price point of $99 AUD, is it worth the extra cash? Here is my take on lululemon’s Enlite Bra.
Continue reading “Gear Review: lululemon’s $99 Sports Bra”

Try It: Bioelectrical Impedance Analyse aka The Start of My Nutrition Journey!

This is going to be the start of the first Try It: Fitness series on nutrition! I’m excited to announce that thanks to Jess from Happy Healthy Foody, I am going on my first nutrition plan ever! Oh my! Continue reading “Try It: Bioelectrical Impedance Analyse aka The Start of My Nutrition Journey!”

Tips To Being Healthy At A Desk Job

I love being a Personal Trainer. It’s a career path I’ve wanted since I was 12. Unfortunately, it isn’t all sunshine and roses and I’ve had to make ends meet by taking other jobs. I had hoped never to hold a desk job, but I do hold one now. Desk jobs can be a bit of a pit fall when it comes to staying healthy, but I do think it is possible to stay on the up and up and survive being stuck at a desk all day.
Continue reading “Tips To Being Healthy At A Desk Job”

Try It: Kendall Jenner’s 11 Minute At-Home Workout

It’s hard to flip through a women’s lifestyle magazine or scroll any women’s lifestyle website and not see some sort of celebrity inspired workout. Ranging from workouts claiming to “give you a butt like Beyoncé” to “Ellie Goulding’s workout from when she’s on tour” and “Secrets from Blake Lively’s Trainer”, there are tons of workouts out there with some sort of celebrity stamp. Personally, I’ve never really done any of these celebrity workouts. Continue reading “Try It: Kendall Jenner’s 11 Minute At-Home Workout”

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