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January 2016

Friday Fun Favourites! – Jan. 29, 2016

Finally getting into a rhythm!
After a bit of an odd week, with Tuesday being Australia Day, it is nice to have a bit of routine to the week. I like my routines, as then I am less likely to forget things (like shoes, keys, paying rent) but holiday’s always throws me off! But here is a routine I am keeping: Friday Fun Favourites!  Continue reading “Friday Fun Favourites! – Jan. 29, 2016”


Weekly Workout: 100 Squat Workout

Crunched for time but still want to get a workout in? The 100 Squat Workout is for you! Squats target quads, hamstrings, calves, gluts and a little bit of abs (yes abs! They are what hold your torso up!). So this is a quick little session to help target the booty and legs, with a couple easy arm exercises as active rest between sets of squats.
So lets get moving! Continue reading “Weekly Workout: 100 Squat Workout”

Spiced Pancakes

Spiced Pancake Recipe
Yield: 10 medium sized pancakes

This post is a follow up to my Favorite Food in my Friday Favorites. I am absolutely in love with pancakes and pretty much eat them on a weekly bases. After testing out a few versions, this is my version that I have come to enjoy. It is a great basic, with staples all found in your pantry. The ingredients listed are for a double recipe for a single person, so store unused batter in a container in the fridge. (Makes for an easy breakfast day 2!)  Continue reading “Spiced Pancakes”

Friday Fun Favorites! (Jan. 22, 2016)

It’s almost February already? Really? Oh my, time flies while you’re having fun!

As I am still trying to settle into a regular blogging schedule (Thank you for sticking with me through the sporadic-ness!) I am going to try a new weekly series! Welcome to Friday Fun Favorites! As seen on many other blogs and websites, Friday Fun Favorites is going to be my weekly wrap up of all the awesome stuff I have found, pictures I have taken, and people I have been inspired by in the past week. Links will be provided, just in case you are inspired too!  Continue reading “Friday Fun Favorites! (Jan. 22, 2016)”

Active Wear: The Thrift vs Splurge Debate

There is always the great debate in fitness: if you spend $100 on workout legging, do you really workout any better? Or are the $20 ones from Target just fine? Continue reading “Active Wear: The Thrift vs Splurge Debate”

Training Cues: What a Trainer Would Really Like To Say

If you have ever taken a fitness class, had a personal trainer, or watch a fitness video, you have probably heard the trainer giving you cues on how to perform the given exercise. These cues vary from simple, basic cues to complicated, metaphoric concepts. Most times these cues work, but there are the days when every client gives you a blank look at whatever you are saying to describe a squat. Continue reading “Training Cues: What a Trainer Would Really Like To Say”

Fun Fitness Goals: Headstands and Handstands

Recently I have decided to pursue a goal that I have had an on/off again relationship for many years. That goal: to hold a proper headstand and handstand without aids. This has lead my partner (a former gymnast) to ask me one night while practicing headstand: “Why? Why do you want to learn how to do a handstand?”

My answer: Why not? Continue reading “Fun Fitness Goals: Headstands and Handstands”

Superhero Workout!

Superhero Workout!
Looking for a workout that will turn you into a superhero? While these exercises may not give you the power of flight or laser version, it is a great circuit that gets your heartrate up and incorporates moves that you do see in comic books. Think punches, kicks, and lots of full body movements. Because what superhero just stands around?! Continue reading “Superhero Workout!”

Hands and Feet: Learning in my own way

Story time!
When I first started playing Call of Duty: Black Ops on my boyfriend’s Xbox, I had only picked up a controller a handful of times before. Pretty sure all those times involved Super Mario Carts at someone’s party and pretty sure it only ever lasted 5 minutes before someone decided it was time for Beer Pong or a campfire. Needless to say, I was really green starting out on COD. Continue reading “Hands and Feet: Learning in my own way”

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