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March 2016

An Ode to My First Love

We met through a friend in University. I was unsure at first, but quickly became intrigued by you. You offered me a glimpse into a world I had only heard of, a world that I never thought I would ever call my own. I thought that it wouldn’t last long, but boy was I wrong! Continue reading “An Ode to My First Love”


Lessons Portal 2 Have Taught Me

I recently finished Portal 2 and overall I liked it. We wont speak of the end (my least favourite part of the game) but for my first game I finished on my own, I am pretty happy. While I started playing for fun, Portal 2 actually has some great ideas throughout it. I believe that a lot came be learned from computers games, we just have to look for the lessons! (Minor spoilers! For anyone that hasn’t played this 2011 game and still plans too!) Continue reading “Lessons Portal 2 Have Taught Me”

Is 10,000 Steps A Day Really a Great Goal?

One of the most common fitness goals spurted out these days is that you should be aiming to take 10,000 steps a day. FitBit encourage this, fitness bloggers quote it, and there are websites dedicated to it. But what us so special about 10,000 steps? Where did it come from and is it really necessary? Continue reading “Is 10,000 Steps A Day Really a Great Goal?”

First YouTube Video!

I promise I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth!

This past week was busy with a new pet project of mine: video making! It has been something I have wanted to try since starting this blog and finally got the courage to sit down and talk to my camera. After a few shoots, a change in topics and a lot of Windows Movie Maker Stress (my audio was acting up every time I tried to edit a video). I finally got got it uploaded! Continue reading “First YouTube Video!”

Workouts, Cupcakes, Batman and CPR: My last 24 hours

The last 24 hours have been a bit hectic, but full of nerdy goodness! And it pretty much sums up this blog perfectly! Continue reading “Workouts, Cupcakes, Batman and CPR: My last 24 hours”

Get a Beach Body in 3 easy steps!

3 Steps to achieve a beach body:  Continue reading “Get a Beach Body in 3 easy steps!”

20 Random Nerd and Fitness Facts about me!

I have been at this blog since October 2015 and would like to thank everyone that has read, commented on, liked and supported this project of mine. It means a lot to me to actually know that people read my blog, and that I am not just writing to the emptiness of the interwebs. (Which it can feel like a lot of the times.)

As a sort of thank you, I complied a list of 20 nerd and fitness facts about me. While it is no where near an exhaustive list of everything about me, it is a peak into two very important parts of my life. Continue reading “20 Random Nerd and Fitness Facts about me!”

Weekly Workout: Lower Body Cardio + Core

Recently my shoulders been acting up. Not sure what I did to get it so niggly (yep, going with niggly), but considering it is not new for me to have weird things going on in my shoulders and knees, I am just resting and icing it for now. That being said, I was inspired by a new workout at the gym where I work that was all bodyweight cardio exercises. It was something I could definitely get behind as I do love bodyweight exercises! Continue reading “Weekly Workout: Lower Body Cardio + Core”

Coming Soon: Nerdy Things!

No matter what, I love finding events and things to look forward to each month. Whether they are simple things like a whole day off to go to the beach, or waiting each week to watch a new episode of the Amazing Race (Loving the social media theme this season!) or for longer things such as teaching new classes at my gym (another new one coming this week and three weeks till one of my favourite recently introduced class come back!) it gives me a more positive outlook when I am having a very flat monotone day. Continue reading “Coming Soon: Nerdy Things!”

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