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Weekly Workout: Heads or Tails

Working out should be fun! I do love a session that is focused on building strength or endurance, and they are a pretty big staple for me. But every once in a while though, I like to do a more “fun” workout that isn’t hard and heavy. So I created one that involves a bit of chance! Continue reading “Weekly Workout: Heads or Tails”


Spiraling Down The Rabbit Hole: Ways I Deal With Negative Emotions

Every have one of those days? A day where all the little things start adding up and all of a sudden it seems overwhelming? Yep, me too. Continue reading “Spiraling Down The Rabbit Hole: Ways I Deal With Negative Emotions”

The Importance of Listening to Your Body

Your body talks to you. You just need to be prepared to listen. (And sometimes, go find a translator!)
Continue reading “The Importance of Listening to Your Body”

Top 5 Nerd Health and Fitness Tips!

The world is changing and so must we! Continue reading “Top 5 Nerd Health and Fitness Tips!”

Try It: Animal Flow®

You know when you’ve found an awesome workout, but have no idea how to describe it to someone else? Yep, that’s how I feel about Animal Flow®. Continue reading “Try It: Animal Flow®”

Final Thoughts: Winter Wellness Meal Plan Check In Week 6

And I am done!

Last week was the final week of my Winter Wellness nutrition plan from Happy Healthy and I was excited to see what my final numbers were going to look like. Continue reading “Final Thoughts: Winter Wellness Meal Plan Check In Week 6”

Try It: Blogilates Workout Calendar

Go Hard or Go Home.

Since I was on my nutrition journey already, I thought why not get my fitness journey on track too? Because as much as they say abs are made in the kitchen, they are revealed through your training. Continue reading “Try It: Blogilates Workout Calendar”

My Ah-ha! Moment: Winter Wellness Meal Plan Check In Week 5

Have you ever had an “Ah ha!” moment? That moment when something finally click, when the message you’ve been hearing finally makes sense? I totally had one last week about my fitness and nutrition and boy has it helped my mind set! Continue reading “My Ah-ha! Moment: Winter Wellness Meal Plan Check In Week 5”

Winter Wellness Meal Plan Check In: Week Two

I’ve made it through to week 3 of my nutrition plan from Jess from Happy Healthy Foody! Each week I seem to be learning more about my relationship with food, and keep discovering new things about my body. Because that is what my nutrition plan is all about for me. Developing a positive relationship with food. Continue reading “Winter Wellness Meal Plan Check In: Week Two”

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