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September 2016

3 Australian Cosplayers You Should Follow

I’ve been in Australia for about a year and three quarters now and I have yet to do any real appreciation of the amazing cosplay talent down under! I think that I can often get into a bit of a bubble and forget that there is so much more to see besides the 5 or 6 main cosplayers that I follow on Facebook. I think this is made even worse by the fact is I’ve now gone to a couple cons and have actually so many great cosplays in person (see this article for Evolve 2016) and never followed up after the cons to see more amazing cosplays. To fix this, I went on a research mission to find some fantastic Australian cosplayers that I feel deserve some love and appreciation for all their hard work. Hopefully it become a jumping off point for you to discover new talent outside of your own “bubble”. Continue reading “3 Australian Cosplayers You Should Follow”


Powerful Deadlift: Weekly Workout

There is something about doing deadlifts that just makes me feel accomplished. I think it’s that feeling of being able to lift something really heavy without the struggle that squats sometimes bring. Last week, I hit a personal best on my deadlift too! 60kg for 4 reps with a barbell. I lifted my own body weight! Before this last year of training I never really pushed myself to much with weights (especially with bigger lifts), so it feels amazing to see progress and have an awesome comparison! Continue reading “Powerful Deadlift: Weekly Workout”

Rest Days: Productive Things To Do On Your Day Off

Rest days. The hardest day in any fitness routine. It is the day that you have an extra couple hours of time to yourself, hours that you would normally spend at the gym. Yay for extra time! But what do you do with this new found time? You know that to stay healthy, your body needs time to rest, repair, and relax, but you also don’t just want to be sitting at home watching TV, wishing you were at the gym! So let’s fix that! Continue reading “Rest Days: Productive Things To Do On Your Day Off”

Evolve 2016 – Pop Culture Expo

Yay! I made it another con! I was super pumped, excited and a bit nervous to attend Evolve 2016 here in Perth last Sunday. I knew that I would be attending another con alone (my partner’s work schedule just keeps getting in the way!) but for once my excitement outweighed my nervousness. So I packed my camera, prepped my cosplay, and off I went! Continue reading “Evolve 2016 – Pop Culture Expo”

15 Thoughts I’ve Had During A Group Fitness Class

Self talk is a large part of the fitness industry that not everyone talks about it. While part of this is because many PT’s are very focused on the physical side of fitness (aka what you can see), part of it, I think at least, is that many PT’s are just to scared to admit that there own mental game isn’t always on point. That even with years of training and experience coaching others to be their best, us PT’s still get those awkward, random brain slippages while squatting or on our run. And that’s okay! Continue reading “15 Thoughts I’ve Had During A Group Fitness Class”

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