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December 2016

Try It: Christmas Eve Yin Yoga

Merry Christmas!

I had a very different Christmas Eve this year. It’s my second year having Christmas in Australia (still a bit weird having Christmas in summer!) but my first year doing something active the evening of Christmas Eve. I am more used to getting together with family for a meal then I am putting on my lululemon and lying over a bolster on a mat, but that’s exactly what I got up too. Lying over blocks and bolsters, slowly allowing everything in my body to open up and stretch, doing Yin yoga by candle light on Christmas Eve.  Continue reading “Try It: Christmas Eve Yin Yoga”


Why I Still Play Pokemon Go

Easily one of the biggest mobile games of 2016, Pokemon Go was a huge trend. I wrote about it even before I was playing it! (See the original post here!) I now have my own account (yay!) and even though it seems like the trend has died off quite a bit lately aka there are no longer videos of people swarming parks everywhere, I still play daily. And probably not for the reasons you think! Continue reading “Why I Still Play Pokemon Go”

12 Gifts For Cosplayer

From beginners to experienced cosplayers, getting gifts related to our chosen craft is amazing! Cosplay is definitely not the cheapest of hobbies with each cosplay having unique specifications that need to be taken care of. By gifting the cosplayer in your life one of these gift ideas below, not only are you save them money and time, but allowing them to create bigger and better cosplays. I’ve tried to make sure there are gifts at many different price point, so even if you are on a small budget yourself, you can still help the cosplayer in your life immensely.  Continue reading “12 Gifts For Cosplayer”

Try It: Lori Harder’s #14DayHoliBurnChallenge (Instagram Challenge)

My first Instagram challenge!

I’ve seen fitness challenges all over Instagram ever since I started my account. Usually between 7-30 days, each fitness challenges features moves/workouts/poses to be done in a specific order over a specific number of days and then photographed, hashtagged and spammed all over Instagram! (Or something to that effect.) While most of the yoga challenges scare me off a bit (often the poses look a little bit out of my beginner league) I was excited to find Lori Harder’s 14 Day HoliBurn Challenge. Finally a challenge that didn’t involve handstands or hypermobility! Continue reading “Try It: Lori Harder’s #14DayHoliBurnChallenge (Instagram Challenge)”

12 Gifts for the Fitness Guru in Your Life

‘Tis the season! We’ve almost made it through 2016, but we have one last holiday season to get through. Unless you are one of those super organized people that have had their Christmas gifts chosen and wrapped since June (lucky you!), the rest of us have to suffer through brain cramps and an ever approaching deadline to get all their shopping done. And the 25th has a way of coming faster then the Polar Express!
Still looking for a gift for your healthy, fitness friend in your life? Or on a budget and need something for your gym buddy that wont break the bank? I got you covered! Here are my 12 Days of Christmas gift choices for the fitness guru in your life. From all different price points, hopefully you can find some gift inspiration! Continue reading “12 Gifts for the Fitness Guru in Your Life”

Keeping On Track During December: 5 Tips On How To Not Throw Away All Your Hard Work During The Holidays

Once again, it’s December! Where has all the time gone? Its stills throws me thinking that Christmas is almost here when I swear I was just seeing Halloween photos. It also throws me walking into Kmart and Target looking for a bikini (new cosplay project!) and all I see is candy canes, fake Christmas trees and penguins. I don’t think my brain is used to Christmas in summer yet. (Yay for living in Australia!) Continue reading “Keeping On Track During December: 5 Tips On How To Not Throw Away All Your Hard Work During The Holidays”

Weekly Workout: One Weight Full Body Workout

It’s been a while, but here is a new weekly workout! It’s short, intense, but fun! (But maybe that’s the personal trainer in me talking.) All you need is one weight (I use an 8kg kettlebell, though a dumbbell can be subbed in quite easily), a mat, and a bit of space. Continue reading “Weekly Workout: One Weight Full Body Workout”

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