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November 2015

Top 3 Trainer Tips for December

Final Month of the Year! As the end of the year approaches and silly season hits, it can be hard to stay focus on workouts. There is Christmas parties, work functions, gift exchanges and food to think about! How can it all be managed? Continue reading “Top 3 Trainer Tips for December”


The Good, The Gold, and The Tavern Brawl: My Love-Like Hearthstone Relationship

With post BlizzCon fever finally dying down, why not throw more Blizzard stuff around? Continue reading “The Good, The Gold, and The Tavern Brawl: My Love-Like Hearthstone Relationship”

Fitspiration: It’s time to change it

Fitspiration. What is it?

According to Google: Fitspiration is any message (usually in the form of an image with a quote included) that encourages one to “persevere,” “push,” or even “suffer” through exercise for the sake of achieving change in one’s physical appearance.
Really? Because exercise is all about looks now? I guess when we live in a culture that pushes looks over what actual healthy benefits that come from proper exercise, fitspiration in this form makes sense. Let’s look at some of the offenders. Continue reading “Fitspiration: It’s time to change it”

The Art of Being a Picky Eater (As an Adult)

Ever hear of nutrition and picky eating in the same sentence? Not really. Continue reading “The Art of Being a Picky Eater (As an Adult)”

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