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May 2016

Civilization: The Perfect Game to Play While Doing Something Else

My schedule has been all over the place lately. I have been getting more into my own training (shoulder strength and cardio on top of kettlebell training), had some job stuff going on, plus we had a visitor this week! Aka. My partner’s brother was here in Oz with us for a few days and I get to sort of play tour guide Barbie. In reality, my partner’s brother was like the easiest house guest ever and I felt like an Italian grandma continual asking if he needed food, juice, or a ride anywhere. Needless to say, it’s was a fun week. Continue reading “Civilization: The Perfect Game to Play While Doing Something Else”


Winter Wardrobe: Cozy Training and Gaming Pieces

I love winter. Winter means cozy sweaters, mugs filled with hot chocolate, ice skating on a frozen pond, looking out your window to see a fresh dump of snow, and dressing in lots and lots of layers. It’s a chance to show off your snow bunny style and have your Facebook feed filled with photos of ski trips and days spent on the mountain. It’s when University campuses are filled with Uggs, skinny jeans, and knitted sweaters.

Except I live in Australia now. Continue reading “Winter Wardrobe: Cozy Training and Gaming Pieces”

Big News + Cardio Day Ideas!

Big news: I’m training with a purpose now! Long story short: I was put in touch with an amazing coach who is teaching me Girevoy Sports, also known as kettlebell sport. This is really my first time seriously working with kettlebells and I am excited to be learning new fitness skills. I am only on week 2 of my training, but it feels like it is going well and that I am getting better. Well, it feels less awkward and I count that as a win! Hopefully by the end of 4 months and my first competition in August in kettlebell snatches, I am able to put on a strong showing and be proficient in this new sport. Continue reading “Big News + Cardio Day Ideas!”

Happy May the 4th!

Happy May the 4th!

And May the Fourth be with you!

While I have no real plans to celebrate tonight with anything Star Wars related (aka. I have last minute errands tonight), I did walk my dog with his Chewbacca lead today. Counts for something I think.

Have a fantastic Star Wars Day!


Nostalgia Time! Nerdy TV Shows I Grew Up On!

A good nerd always starts with a solid foundation. While I didn’t really get into gaming, cosplay or cons until my 20’s, I did get into a lot of fantastic TV growing up. Many of these shows are now con staples (well, most are…), growing up they were just the shows I would watch after school or with my family in the evening. They were my quick escapes into fantastical worlds filled monsters and mythology or onto starships that traveled the galaxy. Aliens, sorcerers, and warriors were all part of my day, and were some of the greatest distractions from homework. Because to be honest, getting another episode in of Star Trek was much more enjoyable them studying for a spelling test. Continue reading “Nostalgia Time! Nerdy TV Shows I Grew Up On!”

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