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July 2016

Weekly Workout: Fitness Testing Inspired by Crossfit

This week we take our inspiration for the workout from Crossfit. Continue reading “Weekly Workout: Fitness Testing Inspired by Crossfit”


Five Tips for First Time Con Goers

For being such an introvert, I seem to love throwing myself into crazy new situations. A few years ago, that crazy new experience was an anime convention! I had just gotten back into anime (Deathnote was my re-introduction choice) and my partner suggested we attend the local anime convention in Calgary, Otafest. I was super, super nervous and excited before attending. Excited because I couldn’t wait to attend panels, see cosplay in person, and find new animes to watch. Nervous because I had so many questions about conventions and just wanted to fit in at my first one! What is the best way to find panels? How does one cosplay at cons? Are there special rules I need to follow? Is it possible to be too nerdy or not nerdy enough? Oh my dear Fluttershy, what was I to do? Continue reading “Five Tips for First Time Con Goers”

Pokémon Go: My Thoughts

It’s been everywhere! From the internet to mobile phones to news channels worldwide. Pokémon have taken over every park, street corner, and even businesses. Because we got to catch them all! For an app that is still on rollout (somewhat. Has Japan got the game yet?), it has been doing some spectacular numbers on many fronts. So I thought to throw my hat into the ring and give my first impressions on Pokémon Go! Continue reading “Pokémon Go: My Thoughts”

Weekly Workout: Simple Cardio Circuit

Hope your weekend went well! As a compliment to last weeks travel resistance workout, here is the cardio travel workout! As you should be resting in between strength days, here is a great workout to alternate with. Though if you are travelling, be mindful of how much other cardio you are doing daily. It is easy to walk a couple extra kilometers exploring a new city without thinking about it, making both your legs and feet soar when it comes to the end of the day. So adjust accordingly (less rounds after a particularly long day, or extra if you are stuck indoors due to weather).     Continue reading “Weekly Workout: Simple Cardio Circuit”

How To: Find Free Fitness Classes

There are tons of articles out there on the internet and in fitness magazines on how to work out on the cheap. Much of that advice comes in the form of either working out at home, following YouTube tutorials, or going to the park for a run. In general, these are all great tips! But if you are like me, as much as I enjoy all my solo workouts, being able to get to a class and have an instructor there in real life can be hugely beneficial. Having someone right there helping you move into proper positioning, or give you motivation that isn’t pre-recorded (hello 6th time I’ve done the same Blogilates workout video!) can make a big difference in pushing yourself to the next level and help you get the most out of each session. But what happens when you are strapped for cash and/or can’t afford classes on the regular? Free fitness classes is to the rescue! Continue reading “How To: Find Free Fitness Classes”

Weekly Workout: Travel Workout

Happy Sunday!

I am putting this post up a little early as I am off to yoga tonight. One of my friends is starting a Sunday night Vinyasa class and I am super excited to get my yoga back on! Some days I feel I get trapped into the same exercises, so it is always nice to take a break from the norm and be put outside of my comfort zone. Fingers crossed I don’t need to spend half the class in childs pose!

Onto this weeks workout! Continue reading “Weekly Workout: Travel Workout”

Weekly Workout: Snatch Conditioning

Last couple weeks I have been doing a lot of training on my own. One of the things I have been working on doing a lot more of is doing conditioning exercises specific towards kettlebell snatch training. One of the best resources that I have been given by my training coach is the IKSFA Kettlebell Sport Coach Manual (Level 1). On top of teaching technique, there are plenty of exercises that help with overall conditioning. I have based this weeks workout on those exercise mentioned in the manual. Continue reading “Weekly Workout: Snatch Conditioning”

Friday Fun Favourites: Canada Day Edition!

Happy Canada Day! While I am not celebrating with poutine, a Canadian (the beer), or a Nanaimo bar, I am celebrating wearing my very Canadian gear that my parents decided to send me last year before Canada day. Pretty sure this is the only time my parents have bought anything emblazoned with that many maple leafs on it, but it does seem like something appropriately touristy to wear while in Australia on Canada Day. Now if only there were fireworks tonight… Continue reading “Friday Fun Favourites: Canada Day Edition!”

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