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Try It: Jimjilbang (Traditional Korean Spa)

What is better than hitting a spa the day you have to get on a plane and fly 10 hours? Getting a Korean Body Scrub the day you are getting on a plane to fly 10 hours! Continue reading “Try It: Jimjilbang (Traditional Korean Spa)”


Try It: Dragon Boat Racing

Back in December on a cool and somewhat wet Sunday morning, I convinced my partner to come try a Dragon Boat Racing training session with me. Because what is a better way to spend a Sunday morning then being active and on the water? Continue reading “Try It: Dragon Boat Racing”

Try It: Freeletics

Want an app that offers intense workouts that require little to no equipment? That tracks your progress for you? That lets you customize the workouts to suite your specific training needs? Then Freeletics could be the app for you! Continue reading “Try It: Freeletics”

Try It: Reformer Pilates

This has to be one of the sneakiest full body workouts ever! Continue reading “Try It: Reformer Pilates”

Try It: Heidi Somers 1000 Rep At Home Workout

Because 1000 Reps is just something you knock out casually right?  Continue reading “Try It: Heidi Somers 1000 Rep At Home Workout”

Try It: Maddie Lymburner YouTube “Workout With Me” Series

It’s another Try It: Fitness post based around another YouTuber! Since I really enjoyed doing both Blogilates and Sarah’s Day for my Try It series, and I’ve been super busy lately and unable to get to the gym a lot, I decided to find another YouTuber that posted workouts specifically designed to be done anywhere. Because things are so much easier when the workout is all set for you and you just have to grab some space and do it! Continue reading “Try It: Maddie Lymburner YouTube “Workout With Me” Series”

Try It: Sarah’s Day YouTube Workout Videos

I think I’ve found my new favourite HIIT workouts! Continue reading “Try It: Sarah’s Day YouTube Workout Videos”

Try It: Animal Flow®

You know when you’ve found an awesome workout, but have no idea how to describe it to someone else? Yep, that’s how I feel about Animal Flow®. Continue reading “Try It: Animal Flow®”

Try It: Blogilates Workout Calendar

Go Hard or Go Home.

Since I was on my nutrition journey already, I thought why not get my fitness journey on track too? Because as much as they say abs are made in the kitchen, they are revealed through your training. Continue reading “Try It: Blogilates Workout Calendar”

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