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Try It: Bioelectrical Impedance Analyse aka The Start of My Nutrition Journey!

This is going to be the start of the first Try It: Fitness series on nutrition! I’m excited to announce that thanks to Jess from Happy Healthy Foody, I am going on my first nutrition plan ever! Oh my! Continue reading “Try It: Bioelectrical Impedance Analyse aka The Start of My Nutrition Journey!”

Try It: Kendall Jenner’s 11 Minute At-Home Workout

It’s hard to flip through a women’s lifestyle magazine or scroll any women’s lifestyle website and not see some sort of celebrity inspired workout. Ranging from workouts claiming to “give you a butt like Beyoncé” to “Ellie Goulding’s workout from when she’s on tour” and “Secrets from Blake Lively’s Trainer”, there are tons of workouts out there with some sort of celebrity stamp. Personally, I’ve never really done any of these celebrity workouts. Continue reading “Try It: Kendall Jenner’s 11 Minute At-Home Workout”

Try It: Bolt-Strong and Bolt-Con

Back to the gym for me! For my Try It: Fitness series I am always on the lookout for different styles of workouts. I love finding something unique and new, not just another bootcamp. So when I heard of a gym that’s workouts were said to be a mix between CrossFit and F45, I knew I had to check it out.  Continue reading “Try It: Bolt-Strong and Bolt-Con”

Try It: EMS Workout

You may have seen the ads on Facebook or segments on the news: a 20 minute workout that is equivalent to 4 hours in the gym, all while being low impact. Is this too good to be true? Maybe, or maybe not. Enter EMS Revolution , a gym using an Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) powered training system to promise such a workout. Not only that does the promise of a short but intense workout intrigue me, but when their website also claims that “you can work up to 350 individual muscles at the same time in just one session.” I knew I had to check it out for myself. So I was super excited when Andy (owner of EMS Revolution here in Perth) offered me the opportunity to do just that! So on a beautiful Thursday morning, I drove up to EMS Revolutions studio in Malaga and threw myself into the unknown of EMS workouts.  Continue reading “Try It: EMS Workout”

Try It: Konga by The Jungle Body

I always love starting my day off with a workout and today I got the opportunity to try out Konga! Because what better way to start a Sunday then working out on the beach? Continue reading “Try It: Konga by The Jungle Body”

Try It: Christmas Eve Yin Yoga

Merry Christmas!

I had a very different Christmas Eve this year. It’s my second year having Christmas in Australia (still a bit weird having Christmas in summer!) but my first year doing something active the evening of Christmas Eve. I am more used to getting together with family for a meal then I am putting on my lululemon and lying over a bolster on a mat, but that’s exactly what I got up too. Lying over blocks and bolsters, slowly allowing everything in my body to open up and stretch, doing Yin yoga by candle light on Christmas Eve.  Continue reading “Try It: Christmas Eve Yin Yoga”

Try It: Lori Harder’s #14DayHoliBurnChallenge (Instagram Challenge)

My first Instagram challenge!

I’ve seen fitness challenges all over Instagram ever since I started my account. Usually between 7-30 days, each fitness challenges features moves/workouts/poses to be done in a specific order over a specific number of days and then photographed, hashtagged and spammed all over Instagram! (Or something to that effect.) While most of the yoga challenges scare me off a bit (often the poses look a little bit out of my beginner league) I was excited to findLori Harder’s 14 Day HoliBurn Challenge. Finally a challenge that didn’t involve handstands or hypermobility! Continue reading “Try It: Lori Harder’s #14DayHoliBurnChallenge (Instagram Challenge)”

Try It: Pole Dancing and Stretch Classes!

Having a day off from work to be able to try new things is amazing! Now that it’s two weeks in a row of Try It: Fitness, Sunday is definitely my fun day.

Today I was off to Flying High Aerial Arts Studio to try my hand at pole dancing! And for good measure, add in a spilts class and a back & shoulders class. Because why just do one when you can do 3? Especially since two of the classes work on flexibility, something that I personally need to work on more. I have tried pole dancing once before about a year ago at another studio at another trial class, but never classes based on stretching and flexibility, so I was super keen to give those classes a go. Continue reading “Try It: Pole Dancing and Stretch Classes!”

Try It: My First Parkour and Handstand Classes

Needless to say, I had a bit of a busy Sunday!

I seem to be on a bit of a roll with finding free classes right now during my free time, so who was I to turn down another great opportunity! Another find over Facebook, I was especially excited since this class being put on by Class Pass was being offered at a gym I’ve been eyeing for months since another trainer mentioned them to me, called Movement Co. Unlike traditional gyms, Movement Co’s difference is evident as soon as you walk into the open and airy space that is filled with bars, rings, a climbing wall and a lot of mats. Offering classes in strength and conditioning, parkour, calisthenics, gymnastics and climbing, I couldn’t wait to try something completely out of my comfort zone! Continue reading “Try It: My First Parkour and Handstand Classes”

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