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October 2016

Tips to Feel Instantly More Confident

Nowadays, we are bombarded on social media with photos of Instagram models, celebrities, and if you follow anything fitness related, before and after photos of people on diets and fitness regimes. It seems to me, the more I try and connect within social media to my chosen industry, the more I feel like everyone’s before photo. Somedays, I don’t feel good enough because I don’t look like Ashy Bines or Kayla Itsines, that all my meals aren’t 100% healthy/Instagram worthy, or that I don’t have popular workouts. Continue reading “Tips to Feel Instantly More Confident”


Book Series I Should (Probably) Finish

Books are amazing! They can introduce you to amazing characters and get lost in fantastic worlds. What I love even more is a series of books, where you dive deeper into each character and see them develop over time. And unlike movies, the sequels are more likely to be just as the original! While I do hold series such as The Parasol Protectorate and The Harry Potter Series as some of my favourite, they are actually only a few of the series that I have read in their entirety! While they are some series that I have started and just haven’t been able to finish to of interest, there are quite a few that just keep growing and I haven’t gotten caught up just yet! Continue reading “Book Series I Should (Probably) Finish”

Weekly Workout: Lizard Creek Workout

A couple weekends ago was a wedding weekend! I was privileged to attend my partner’s sisters wedding and it was fantastic and beautiful! (Admitted a bit overwhelming, but that another post.) We stayed at a fantastic location, Lizard Creek Lodge in Fernie, BC, right in the mountains. One of the great surprises and bonuses of Lizard Creek was the hotel gym! It was one of the largest and well equipped hotel gyms that I have ever been too. Perfect for getting in a pre-wedding workout! Continue reading “Weekly Workout: Lizard Creek Workout”

Finding My Inner Extrovert

This weekend I was at a family wedding. Not my own family, my partner’s. While I have met many of them, because they are such a large family, I am still meeting new ones at every family event I go too. It’s great, since my partner loves all his family and they are all fantastic people. But it’s not so great because I am quite the introvert and feel awkward in large crowd. Yep, it was a fun weekend! Continue reading “Finding My Inner Extrovert”

Staying Fit and Healthy On A Vacation

You’ve been putting in the hard work; daily workouts, eating healthy, getting in your shut eye, and working to keep your stress levels under control. You are finally achieving the steps towards leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle! It’s time to reward yourself. And what better reward is there then a vacation? Whether it be sand and surf on the Gold Coast, snow and snuggling in the Rockies, or splendor and sun on the Vegas strip, a vacation can help recharge your batteries and make all the hard work worth it. Continue reading “Staying Fit and Healthy On A Vacation”

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