Now that I’ve gotten past most of the stress of my work life (I can see the light!), I am really focusing on getting the most out of each day. I finally had a day completely to myself, (my partner was hanging out with friends) and I finally felt I got my productive groove back! Not only did I have a great day with all my clients and at my desk job, I got tons done around the house (think complete living room clean!) plus a cheeky 30 minute workout on top of a 30 minute dog walk. Go me!

This got me thinking about my own tips and tricks about how I stay productive during the day, even with a crazy schedule. So here they are! My 5 current tips and tricks on staying productive throughout your whole day, not matter what type of day it is!

1. Make lists!

I make a list of things that I both need to get done today and what I want to get done today, but are okay if left until tomorrow. I then focus on what needs to get done first, such as paying bills, dishes, laundry, and important phone calls, and get it out of the way. When that happen, I know that I have had a productive day! Any time left, I get through items on my want list (such as organizing my closet, cleaning the car, researching workouts). But if I don’t get through all my wants, no biggie, I still had a productive day!

2. Ask “Would future me appreciate this being done?”

While you could get all philosophical with this, I use it a ton for little day to day tasks. It reminds me that if I have the time to clean my dishes right after a meal, throw a load of laundry on if I am at home all day, or simple prep my bag the night before an early morning appointment. At the end of the day, I usually come out happier and more productive since I’ve kept on top of all the little task that can easily add up during the day. And future me appreciates it all!

3. Schedule relaxation/break time.

With 3 jobs, I am at home for varying amounts of time each day. I try and get as much done as I can when I am home, but it can also stress me out if I overthink everything that I want to get done. To help combat this, I make sure to schedule about 30 minutes each day (usually after a meal) of just “me time” where I can do whatever I want and not feel guilty about it. I get a chance to relax and reset, making me more focused for the rest of the day. A little bit can go a long way!

4. Ask “Are you a morning or evening person?”

Aka if you leave something like putting your bag together for the day till the morning, are you able to do it without too much stress? For me, to be a morning person, I need to have myself organized the night before. But if I get myself together (prep my bag, lay out my outfit, fill the kettle, etc) at night, its smooth sailing in the morning!

5. Keep your schedule on you.

I am so thankful my work scheduling app allows me to put in all my time commitments. No matter where I am, I can update it and keep myself organized and on top of my day to day commitments. This keeps me more focused throughout, no matter what I am doing. So whether you use an app or a paper agenda, I highly recommend some sort of portable schedule to keep you on track and productive.

Which tips are you going to inpliment in your routine? What are your other tips for staying productive? Leave them in the comments below!

Happy productivity!