The last couple weeks have been quite crazy for me. I had two job interviews (didn’t get either of the jobs), took over scheduling and daily housekeeping for two weeks at my PT job while my boss was away on vacation, currently covering shifts at the clinic I work at while the other receptionist is away, and have to learn new programming and class set ups at the other gym I work at. Plus, a rent inspection. It was nuts and I was definitely getting stressed out, but I am managing to get through it all!

While I am no where’s near perfect on dealing with my stress, I have found a few tips and tricks that help me manage it. Most of them are actually pretty simple, and make a world of difference working three jobs, being in a relationship, living abroad, and having to deal with doing laundry during the wet Perth winter. (Hint: When it takes 2-3 days for your jeans to dry, it becomes a weird stresser.)

Here are my tips and tricks to managing stress!

• Ask “Is it in my control?”

This was literally my stress saving question in university. I was constantly getting worked up over exams and assignments, which lead to a ton of extra stress. But then I started realising after handing my exams in, there is pretty much nothing I can do until I get my mark. So why cause myself stress on something I have no control over? This question is also great to help with situations post job interview, application submission, or anything that literally becomes out of your control once you’ve done your part.

• Exercise


A personal favourite! Working out just gives me to time to clear my head, release happy endorphins, and use positive stress to fight my negative stress. Cardio or boxing (aka mindless or I get to hit things!) is my current choice for stress relieving exercise.

• Stress Bake


If you know a stress baker, fully support their habit. Baking is a happy place for me, because not only do I get to create something tasty and amazing, it keeps me focused on something for 20+ minutes that brings me joy. That’s 20+ minutes of feeling good, being productive, and relaxing. So if you are a baker, I highly recommend stress baking. (Chocolate Chip Cookies are the current recipe.)

• Talk to a friend or family. (Or your dog.)


Bring your stress baking and go talk about your stress! (People are way more receptive if you bring them baked goodies.) I am terrible at holding in things that are causing me stress, but once I get it out into the world I feel 100x better. Sometimes just vocalizing it can give you a new perspective on the problem, which can actually help you fix/manage the stressor. And having a second opinion doesn’t hurt. So get chatting!

• Get lost in another world


Read, game, watch a movie. Take a short break from reality, then look at what is causing you stress with new eyes. I will hyper-focus on a problem some days and blow it way out of proportion. By stepping away from it, thinking about someone else’s fictional problems can really help. Especially when they overcome theirs. Weird, but it can give me reassurance that if the detective can solve the case, I can make it through my next day at work.

• Show myself some love.


Home spa days are the best to de-stress on a day off. I love spending a little extra time in a hot shower, doing a full body scrub down, and throwing on a leave in hair treatment afterwards while wearing my house coat and sipping a cup of hot tea. Cheap, relaxing, and I look and feel fantastic afterwards. Perfect way to wind down from daily stress at the end of a week.

What are your favourite ways to de-stress?
Happy relaxing!