Did you ever try a workout and think “That just wasn’t me.”? Want a bit more direction before randomly trying your next class? Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Then I have the answer for you!

Choose your next workout based on your Hogwart’s house!

For those not familiar with the Harry Potter Series, Hogwarts is a school in the series that the main characters go too. Students at Hogwarts are sorted into 4 different houses, and each house features students with distinctly different character traits. (If you want to see what house you would end up in if you went to Hogwart’s, you can take the official Sorting Hat quiz at Pottermore, the official Harry Potter website.) So why not use these character traits to help you choose your next workout! (Or feel free to mix and match!)

(For full disclosure, I am a Ravenclaw. I think this only makes me slightly bias in my suggestions.)

Onto your next potential workout!


House Characteristics: Intelligent, Wise, Sharp, Individual, Witty.

Workouts to Try:

Animal Flow: A workout that feels a little bit out there, Animal Flow is great for Ravenclaw’s that want to be a thinker while moving. Because it will take concentration and practice to prefect moving from one position to another, but well worth the mobility and body strength you will gain.

EMS: Another thinking workout, but one that allows you to get back to studying quicker! Each EMS session can be customized to you, letting you a great workout in in only 20 minutes. Great for the Ravenclaw who wants to be fit, but also needs more time in their life to study.

Circuit Training: Another way to maximize your workout during a short amount of time, circuit training is perfect for those looking to hit their workout hard. Easily done with limited equipment, circuits can be designed for the individual, meaning Ravenclaw’s can make sure they get exactly what they need without the fluff. Great for workouts in your dorm room!


House Characteristics: Hard Work, Dedication, Patience, Loyalty, Fair Play.

Workouts to try:

Vinyasa (Yoga): This is a very strong flow of yoga, thus it takes work to make it through each flow. Perfect for someone who likes to rewarded for working hard during a workout.

Running: Props to anyone who takes up running, in any capacity. While it may seem easy to some, running can be very technical, requiring both hard work and dedication. So strap on your runners and get to it!

Hiking: For those that are masters of being patient, hiking is amazing rewarding. Great for all levels of fitness, choose routes that offer extra rewards such as waterfalls, lakes, or lookout points to maximize interest in any trail.


House Characteristics: Bravery, Daring, Nerve, Chivalry

Workouts to try:

Ninja Warrior Course: Pretty sure you have to be both daring and brave to even take on the course! Ninja Warrior courses are the prefect place to showcase being fearless, through a multitude of obstacles, while giving you a new way to challenge your body.

Hot Yoga: Have you ever tried to balance yourself on your hands while dripping sweat from every pore in your body? It’s tough! Use your Gryffindor nerve and just go for it! It will be well worth your effort.

Gymnastics: Similar to the Ninja Warrior Course, gymnastics takes both skill and nerve to complete different feats. Plus, skills learned in gymnastics easily transfer into other aspects of fitness (think dance, crossfit, yoga) making it a great place to start when looking for a new workout.


House Characteristics: Cunning, Ambitious, Resourcefulness

Workouts to try:

Spartan Races: A true test of strength, will power and resourcefulness, Spartan Races give you the opportunity to work on your fitness in one of the most ambitious ways. Because who doesn’t want to say they’ve climbed over a 15 foot wall covered in mud only to jump onto a rope swing?

Bodyweight Training: There is a lot that can be done with just you and your body and a little bit of space. From the basics such as squats and lunges to the extravagant of handstand walks and 1 leg balance sequences, Slytherin’s are the perfect people to test the limits of just what their body can do!

Crossfit: Are you a jack of all trade but super competitive when training? Want to see just how far you can push your body? Crossfit may be for you. You’ll need to be resourceful as the workouts aren’t easy, plus super ambitious, but seeing just what your body can do is awesome. Just remember to get your technique down before progressing up in weight.

What workout are you excited to try next? Think a workout should have been included in a different house? Let me know in the comments down below!

Happy Harry Potter-ing!