I don’t mention it much on this blog but I am a proud fur baby momma! My fur baby’s name is Archer (also affectionately known as The Moondog) and he’s a beautiful 2 ½ year old schnauzer/staffie mix (we think. He’s a rescue, so we don’t know 100%.) Archer is very much a part of my daily life, which means he’s very much a part of my fitness journey. When we got him, we jokingly said he would be my partner’s fitness plan. In actuality, he turned more into mine! We go on daily adventures, rain or shine, as I know that Archer needs his daily exercise as much as I need mine. 
So here are some of my favourite daily activities that I do with Archer! As I like to keep things interesting, I love having a verity of ways that Archer and I can stay fit. Because I know that Archer enjoys difference exercises, has difference energy levels each days, and also not every day presents the same opportunities. So here are the ways I love to stay healthy and fit with my awesome moondog!

Introducing Archer!

• Go on purpose specific walks!
o Archer loves going for walks, whether short or long, just around the block or all the way to the beach. So if I know that if I run to the store for a late minute dinner ingredient or trying to hatch my eggs in Pokemon Go, I know that he is always willing to accompany me on my trips. I also find that we tend to go on more walks (aka lots of little trips to the stores or other errands) when we go with a purpose in mind. So if you are able, take your pooch for a walk whenever you have local errands to run.

Adventure time!

• Play wall ball or piggy in the middle!
o We love playing these middle school games with Archer when both my partner and I are around. We grab a couple tennis balls (always at least 2!) then head to the local park for a play. Archer loves chasing after the balls and it keeps both my partner and I quick on our feet to get the balls before Archer does. (He’s especially quick!) These are great when we have limited time but want to make sure Archer gets in a great run. We also make sure to stop off at the water fountain frequently to make sure Archer stays hydrated!

• Beach sprints or swims!
o We love taking Archer to the beach, almost year round. Yay for living in Australia! During the summer, Archer absolutely loves going for a swim in the ocean. Even though he was very unsure about water when we first started taking him to the beach, he slowly got more comfortable and now will swim in the water with my partner for 10-15 minutes at a time! During the fall or spring, I’ll try and run a couple beach sprints with Archer instead of a swim. Even though Archer can easily outrun me (he’s really fast!) I enjoy the challenge and it’s fun to try every couple of weeks to beat him. So no matter the season, Archer and I always end up a tired pair when we get back into the car after a beach day.

Archer loves heading out to the beach!

Need more ideas? Check out this poster from PuppySpot! I tried the Active Fetch and the lunges I did really started to add up after a dozen throws! My legs were definitely sore the next day!


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How do you like to work out with your 4 legged friend?

Happy working out with your furry partner!