And I am done!

Last week was the final week of my Winter Wellness nutrition plan from Happy Healthy and I was excited to see what my final numbers were going to look like. In all reality, this six weeks sort of turned into three good weeks after a rough first half riddled with stomach problems. But that’s okay! I would have rather had three good weeks then six rough weeks, as it at least gave me a real chance to feel what I should have been feeling for all six weeks. So did I get to my original goal of 18% body fat?

No, I didn’t. But I’m okay with that. Here’s why.

I learned how to be healthier! I learned how to balance my meals and fill them with nutritious ingredients that filled me up. Sure, I may make very similar meals day in, day out, but I know it works for my body. I learned how to be more organized in the kitchen, as when your fridge and pantry are filled with healthy choices, it is a million times easier to choose healthier foods. I learned how to drink more water, which helped me turn down sugar filled alternatives as I no longer even wanted them. (I did end up drinking a heck of a lot of tea though, as the temperature dropped and winter truly came to Perth!) I also learned that eating healthy helped my training immensely, as I had more even energy levels and didn’t crash even after an early morning training session. Life just in general just became better!

In terms of actual numbers, here’s my empirical data. During the six week I lost 3kg of weight (1kg of that was actually muscle mass, but I was doing more cardio in the past 3 weeks then strength training.) and lost a total of 1.8% body fat. So I did lose over half the body fat I wanted, which did take me into the “athletic body” zone of under 20%. I also decreased my visceral fat area (visceral fat is the fat that is stored around your organs. You need some to survive, but not an overly large amount.) by 2cm2, which I am also quite happy about! Overall, I decreased my Age to Match My Body (aka what age the machine thinks my body is) by one year, which was a pleasant surprise. I now am a proud owner of a perceived 22 year old body! Which is hilarious in my mind, as I think I feel better in my body now then I did when I was 22.

Small Changes Over The 6 Weeks

Moreover, I think that working with a nutritionist can really give you a kick in the butt to get your nutrition in gear. Having someone else force you to be more mindful about your food choices is huge. Maybe it is just me, but with most of my meals I kept thinking of whether or not my meal was fitting in with the advice that Coach Jess had given me. Was I eating more greens, did I have the right amount of protein for me, was I making sure my snacks were approved food choices? It was also I think the first time my plate really looked like the recommend half veggie, quarter protein, quarter low GI starches. And it looked good! So I would highly recommend a nutrition to anyone who is struggling to eat healthy, needs more accountability in their food choices, or simple want to make sure they are living their healthiest life.

The downsides of the Winter Wellness? Just because it’s healthy, or a “health” food, doesn’t mean your body is going to like it. I learned this the hard way as my past posts show. The main takeaway? Listen to your body! If something makes you feel terrible, take it out of your diet no matter the supposed health benefits. This may take some trial and error, some back and forth with your nutritionist, and some tweaks to recipes, but it is all worth it in the end. I felt so much better after listening to my body, and it is honestly easier following a plan that doesn’t make you dread eating. So listen to your body!

Overall, this was such an amazing experience and I couldn’t be more grateful for the guidance of Coach Jess. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants help during their health journey. Her website also has some great recipes, for those that just want a couple of healthier alternatives.

What did you think of my nutrition journey? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Happy eating!