Go Hard or Go Home.

Since I was on my nutrition journey already, I thought why not get my fitness journey on track too? Because as much as they say abs are made in the kitchen, they are revealed through your training. I was pushing towards my goal of becoming healthier through my food choices, but I really wanted to get all my stuff together and actually fully commit to a well-rounded healthier lifestyle. After looking at a few different options, I decided that for the month of June I would add in the Blogilates Workout Calendar to my fitness routine. Such began the official Try It: Fitness “Blogilates Workout Calendar” post!

I’ve talked about Blogilates already on this blog a few times. Blogilates is a YouTube fitness channel offering workout videos on at home Pilates, cardio, and HIIT style workout among other things. The Blogilates Monthly Workout Calendar is a calendar with scheduled workouts from the Blogilates channel for the whole month, found on the Blogilates website for those subscribed to the Blogilates newsletter. (The calendar is password protected, but the password is given out in each Blogilates email to those on the newsletter mailing list.) (*Update*: The new Blogilates website has the calendar on it along with all the workout videos. All you have to do is create a profile.) I already love Blogilates and Cassey Ho (the women behind this awesome workout videos), which was a large influence in choosing the workout calendar for my personal fitness challenge. I knew what I was getting when it came to the style of videos (Pilates mixed with cardio moves that require only a mat and some space to do) and knew it was something I could complete at home, meaning I would still be able to complete my daily workouts even if I couldn’t get access to equipment. I have done many of the Blogilates workouts, but I had never done it with full intentions of following the workout calendar for a whole month. For June, I decided that I would do as many of the workouts as I could, trying to follow the set schedule, but also trying to fit in as many group classes as I could. Aka, do the calendar but don’t be ridiculous and have to double my workout everyday I do a group class. I printed my calendar, stuck it to the top of my clip board (aka where I was keeping all my nutrition information and looked at daily!), and on June 2, 2017 started my Blogilates workout calendar!

Yes, I know I started a day late. But it was June 1st still in North America!

From a total of a possible 126 workouts in June, I completed 87. (69% of the calendar.) Overall, I had a really positive experience doing this style of working out, but here is what I see as the pros and cons of following this style of workout.


It’s extremely easy to follow.

Everything is set out for the entire month for you. All you need to do is find about an hour out of your day to pull out your yoga mat and do the videos. To simplify it even more, every couple days on the Blogilates YouTube channel a playlist is made for each day for the next couple days (2-4 seems standard) so you don’t even need to search for the videos! They are pretty much prepackaged and ready to go when you are. Talk about a zero excuses workout!

There are at least 4 new videos added to the workout rotation every month.

Blogilates has a ton of verity already, but even so 4 new routines are added each month that are brand new. This means new moves to challenge you, or styles of workouts to try, even if you’ve been following the calendar for a while. No getting bored here!

Each day is a different body part focus.

I love that every day has a different focus and isn’t just a full body workout everyday. This means that I know that I am definitely not able to skip leg (or thigh!) day or slack off on my upper body. I tend to like segmented training though, so this one is very personal pro.

Your warm up is included each day!

No need to wonder if you are ready to get into those burpees or push ups. The first video of each day is your warm up, meaning it’s again one less thing you have to think of, knowing that you’ll be prepared each day for whatever moves are thrown at you.

The only equipment needed is a mat and a bit of space.

No weights or equipment really needed! Again, less excuses, more working out. I am always surprised the new exercises that I get to try, and love the new ways I get to workout using just my body.

The workouts do get “easier” over time.

By this, I mean individual moves seem less complicated and I have to spend less time watching each demo to see exactly what I am doing. But since it’s body weight, all you need to do is change the tempo and it’s right back to making to sweat! Except for booty days. Booty days are always hard!

The rest/stretch days are Friday.

Again personal preference, since Friday is my busiest day normally. Any workout I get in on a Friday I see as a bonus, so having a schedule that compliments that for me is a huge plus.


It can be tricky to add it in to other training routines.

Doing the calendar as you only workouts is easy. Adding it into other workouts, especially group classes can be tricky. If you are willing to take the time to play around and mark out new dates for each of the workouts, it can still work well. Otherwise, you end up doubling all your workouts for the day trying to complete it all (what I tried to do for about ½ a week before my body was just to sore) or doing arms two days in a row. Best to use it as a complimentary set of workout when you cant make it to the gym.

It’s not a short workout.

Most days took me about 45 ish minutes to complete if I did the required 3-5 videos. So following the calendar to the letter isn’t for someone looking to only workout 10-15 minutes a day. But many individual videos are short, so if you are picking and choosing, then it could work for you.

Cassey takes about her nail colour in a lot of videos, and it kind of gets repetitive.

This was the only real nitpicky thing I didn’t like about the videos. Especially when it ends up a topic in 3 videos back to back. So you’ve been warned, there is a lot of nail polish talk!

Pro and Con:

The videos don’t repeat during the month.

Love a workout? You won’t do it again. Hate a workout? You only have to do it once. So it’s both a good and a bad thing for me.

To finish off, I would highly recommend the Blogilates calendar to anyone who likes straightforward at home workouts or those looking to get more consistent with their workouts. I loved knowing that my workout was ready each day for me without having to make one up. Also, I could totally feel my core getting stronger over the month and the cardio getting easier the more I did of it. I for sure felt that this was the right push to get me back to training more consistently and feel that I’ll be following the calendar each month now as a back up for the days I can’t make group classes.

What are your thoughts on Blogilates or workout calendars in general? Is there a different calendar I should try?

Happy working out!