Guess it’s time for another update.

I’ve put this off mainly because I was embarrassed, confused, and needed some time to process it all. Week 3 of my Winter Wellness Meal Plan from Happy Healthy Foody started okay. Things were finally looking up, as it seemed my stomach had settled and I was getting into a routine with my meals. Nothing fancy, but getting into the habit of eating a lot of chicken, spinach and sweet potato. Then Wednesday night happened. I had the worst IBS stomach ache and diarrhea since I’ve been in Australia (so about 2+ years). I’ll spare you the details, but to put it kindly, my abs were so sore the next day from cramping that I didn’t know that it wasn’t stomach pain till I tried eating at noon Thursday. I don’t know what caused it either, which is the worst part. Thursday was the day I fell off the diet plan as I just wanted comfort food, like pancakes and homemade burgers.

After Thursday’s comfort food, I went back towards sticking to the diet though I didn’t eat chicken for about 3 days. I made a lot of protein breakfast pancakes from the plan (I really do like my comfort food), ate a lot of spinach and eggs, and made my partner cook my meat in a large batches because I didn’t trust myself. (The night I was unwell I had cooked my own chicken. And I am really not a great chef.) Overall, this made me both embarrassed and frustrated. Embarrassed since I was failing on a plan that is designed to help me eat healthier and frustrated because my stomach kept acting up. But as frustrated as I am, I have noticed some positive changes from my diet changes.

While on the Winter Wellness Plan I tend to not have a 2pm slump anymore in the day, my skin seems clearer, and I don’t really want sweet things to drink (I get by with a lot of tea and water). I am still working on proportion sizing, but I am finding it a lot easier to eye ball how much food will make me satisfied but not stuffed. And though I can’t really see it myself, my partner has told me that I do look like I am losing a little bit of my body fat. Yay! Plus, being on a meal plan was a great catalysis to really commit to my own fitness journey and up my workouts. I am not quite where I hope to be, but I have been consistently working out to a sweat 5-7 days a week since being on the Winter Wellness Meal Plan. Which is a huge plus for me.

So that is my update. Do I think I’ll stay on the Winter Wellness Style Diet past the 6 weeks? Yes and no. I will definitely keep a few of the meals in rotation and keep using it as a reference guide for portioning and meal timing, but I do feel I will need to keep playing around with my food until I find the right IBS friendly diet specific to me.

So Happy Week 5! Let’s hope I make it through pain free!