Today I was hanging out with a few of my friends from the gym that I go too and the topic turned to nutrition. All 4 of my friends said that they were going to do the 8 week challenge through the gym, which not only includes a recommended workout schedule but also a nutrition plan. While I am still two weeks out of finishing my six weeks (more on that later), this week is the final week for them with their 8 week challenge. As we were sitting around a local café, they started talking about how they wanted to celebrate finishing their challenge. And this is where I think things got really surprising. What started out as going out either to Bounce (a trampoline playground place) or Go Karting, slowly turned into going to someone’s house to eat all the foods they couldn’t during the challenge then going to a bar to drink afterwards. Basically, erasing all the hard work the put in the past 2 months. Which blew my mind!

Sure, changing your diet and lifestyle is hard. There are food that I miss (rice, pasta, chocolate chip cookies) and it takes work to stay within my macros for a day. But do I really want to throw it all away as soon as it’s over? NO WAY! I probably will indulge with a glass of wine or drink post challenge, (My partner’s been perfecting his Old Fashions, and they smell amazing!) but I am determined to make my new diet stick. I have a healthy pancake recipe now that leaves me full after half my normal amount. My wraps are tastier and more nutritionally balanced, and I have a way to take care of my chocolate craving without needing process sugar. These are things I don’t think I would have done on my own without a push, so why should I go back to my old ways?

Further, I’ve been feeling pretty darn comfortable in my own skin! Maybe it’s just that I’ve been working out more to compliment my new diet (why go 50% when you can do 100%?), but things just feel better. I feel okay to workout in a crop top at my gym and not feel self-conscious about it. My jeans fit that little bit better and I get compliments quite a bit now about how good I look in my workout leggings. And the cherry on top? In my last group photo at an event, post 270 burpees and quite sweaty, I can say that I 100% loved the way I look. Why give that up?

So if you are ever on these 6, 8, 12 week challenges, think of them as the beginning to your new life, not just a break from your old life. They are the time to make the tough changes, to get that kick in the butt to really get going. Don’t waste the opportunity to become a better version of you!

Okay, rant over.

Happy days!