I’ve made it through to week 3 of my nutrition plan from Jess from Happy Healthy Foody! Each week I seem to be learning more about my relationship with food, and keep discovering new things about my body. Because that is what my nutrition plan is all about for me. Developing a positive relationship with food.

So here are a few more things I’ve figured out over the past week!

• Drinking more water is getting a little bit easier.

I am still not getting to 3L a day, but I am getting at least 1.5L in most days and hitting 2L at least 3x a week. I credit my pretty water bottle and the fact my partner keeps reminding me to drink more water.

• Spinach is amazing.

I don’t understand people who eat iceberg lettuce when there is spinach around. It gives amazing crunch to wraps and super tasty with eggs. Love, love, love having this with almost every meal.

• I am not as tired.

Normally, I end up having a nap 3-5 days a week. (6am classes and 8pm finishes on a spilt shift don’t always mesh well.) I just end up very tired in the early afternoon, and know that I need a bit of a recharge before heading back to work in the evening. This past week, I’ve only napped 2 days and felt like I’ve had a more steady stream of energy throughout the day. Not having as much refined sugar, and having a more balanced breakfast and lunch I feel is definitely contributing my extra energy.

• My stomach pain has gone away… mostly.

After a rough first week, we think we have pin pointed the reason for my stomach pain: whey protein powder. While I am not lactose intolerant (that I know of), I do tend to limit my dairy intake due to my IBS. I had read before going on this nutrition plan that even those that are lactose intolerant, whey protein can be tolerated by some, so I thought I would be safe. Apparently not. I am now limiting any whey consumption to anything with liquid aka smoothies (and my left over raw balls) and drinking lots of water when I do consume it, to help with digestion. (This seems to be an okay way to use up my bag of whey protein I think.)

Can’t wait to see where week 3 brings me!

Happy eating!