We’ve all been there. Dreading going to the gym, not looking forward to our morning run, or just not feeling motivated to show up to bootcamp. There’s something missing, but you just can’t put your finger on it. But maybe I can!

Are you having fun in your workout?

For many people, being physically active can feel like a daily chore. It’s just something to check off on your daily to-do lists. They forget that moving your body doesn’t always have to be just going to the gym and doing the same old routine. That there are so many more options out there to bring fitness back into something to look forward to get in each day.

I truly believe that moving your body each day is a gift and that it can be really, a lot of fun! Maybe all it takes is a few simple tweaks to your routine to bring it back into the realm of something that you look forward to each morning. Because if you don’t love what you are doing, why do you keep doing it?

Here are my 5 favourite ways to keep the fun in fitness!

1. Try a new class! (My #1 choice!)

IMG_4666 (2)
Trying out an EMS workout!

Break out from your usual routine! Try a spin class, take a lesson on pole dancing or learn what the heck an EMS workout is. By throwing something totally new into your routine, it allows you to bring back that novelty factor into your everyday life. Even if it’s just one class, it can remind you that working out should be fun and not a chore!

2. Play on the jungle gym!

IMG_5002 (2).JPG
Just hanging out!

Jungle gyms aren’t just for little kids, they are for inner kids too! Swing on the monkey bars, play grounders with friends, or work on your balance hoping from one stump to another. Jungle gyms can challenge you in a completely different way then a traditional gym (why do you think the parkour guys are so strong?) and give you a workout without you even knowing!

3. Plan a hike or walk to a specific destination!

Hiking in the Outback
Adventure time!

It’s hard to quit a hike when you are only half way to the destination. What’s the point of going if you aren’t going to get the view at the end? By choosing a specific destination to get to, it makes it easier to focus on where you are going, and less on how much of a workout it is. So choose a hike, pack your water bottle, and set out on a whole new adventure! (Plus, just think of the Instagrams!)

4. Get friends involved!

Spencer, Dustin & me in our hoodies
We match!

Unless you want it to be solo, working out can be very social. Recruit a friend to come to class with you (many offer discounts for first timers), have a dance party at home with the girls (Fitness Marshall anyone?), or simple go for a walk through your favourite neighbourhood (Window shopping!). That way you have accountability, motivation, and someone to chat with about how soar your butt is from that HIIT class. Bonus: it is a catch up with friends that doesn’t revolve around food!

5. Pump up your playlist!

Pump it up! DJ Pup in the house!

Been listening to the same playlist for months on end? That might be why you feel you are in a rut. Switch up the order of your songs, throw in a few new favourites, and cut back on any song that doesn’t make you feel ready to sweat! Also long for higher beats per minute (tempo) songs for any high intensity workout (HIIT, sprints, cardio in general) as this can actually keep you on pace as you won’t be slowing down to the beat of the music. (Plus, impromptu dance party anyone?)

What are some of the ways you keep the fun in your fitness routine? Comment them below!

Happy fun fitness seeking!