Brr!!! It’s officially winter temperatures here in Perth. As we end May and move in June, I find that winter can be the toughest time of year to keep on a regular training schedule and eat healthy. Due to the colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours, my fitness levels can change easily week to week and along with it my focus on my nutrition. But this year, I am more determined than ever to stay on top of both my fitness and nutrition throughout winter and come out healthier than ever before. If you have been following my blog in the past couple weeks, you’ll know that I am currently on a 6 week nutrition plan (read my week 1 recap here!) which is playing a big part in setting me up for my healthiest winter. It also is reminding me of a few other tips and tricks I use to stay healthy and fit throughout the colder months. And who doesn’t want to stay feeling fabulous all year long?

Without further ado, here are my tips to keeping fit and living healthy during Winter months:

• Drink plenty of water.

IMG_4928 (2).JPG

I am terrible at this, but if anything my first week on my nutrition plan has taught me, water and hydration plays a big part in overall health. By making sure that your water intake is still high during the colder months (for me, this means 1.5L+) you ensure you are still hydrated and optimally functioning even when the temperature isn’t 30 degrees.

• Watch out for over eating to stay warm.

Oh look! Cookies!

Last winter I had this bad habit. I was so cold in my house (hello concrete based floors and walls!) that I would gravitate towards warm foods and drinks to keep me warm when I was working on my computer. Think hot chocolates, warmed up cookies and brownies, and lots and lots of soup. This can easily lead to excess calories/macros (whatever you are following), which over 4 months can lead to a lot of extra. So watch out that you are eating when you are actually hungry, not when you are just cold. This year, if I am still cold after bundling up, I am drinking tea (Liquorish or Cinnamon are my current favourites!) or hot water with lemon for that warmth that I am looking for. This way I can still hold something warm, but not add a ton of extra calories each day.

• Summer bodies are made in the winter!

Backside Beach Posing
Made in Winter!

Just because it is jeans and jumpers and not swimsuits and sandals, doesn’t mean it’s time to slack on the training. When it hard to get up some days before sunrise, make a plan the week before and stick to it. Write down your weekly workouts, check them off each day as you do them, and reward yourself with your favourite bath product/active wear/tea etc. for sticking to it. This way, come spring, all you have to do is shed your sweater and not a few extra kilos.

• Dress in layers for training.

IMG_4955 (2).JPG
I love a good hoodie! 

This is so important for both early morning training and after dark training. Having that extra layer on, whether it’s a hoodie, long sleeve or sweat pants, as you warm up can make it easy to get your body warm. I also hate being freezing while outdoor training, so having an extra layer around gives you flexibility to strip down for cardio but layer up when you get to slower tempo strength exercises.

• Bring a change of clothing or at least a dry shirt/jumper/socks for post training.

Always keep an extra shirt in your gym bag

Even if you train indoors, winter should bring a shift in your training appeal. I pretty much think it is essential to have something dry and warm to put on post training. It is no fun sitting in a sweat drenched tank post hot yoga for 20 minutes on your drive home in a cold car, plus it can make you feel colder then you actual are. While this may not make you sick, it isn’t great for your short term health. Take the extra 5 minutes, make a quick change, and feel a lot more comfortable in the long run.

What are some of your favourite ways to keep healthy and active during the colder months?

Happy winter!