For those that haven’t read my post about BIA, I am currently embarking on a six week meal plan from The Happy Healthy Foody. This is my first time ever following a meal plan, so I thought I would detail my journey through weekly updates to give some real thoughts on how everything is going. Because like any life change, it usually isn’t as straight forward as it seems. For a quick recap of what I said in my BIA post, while I am in pretty good health, my goals for these six weeks are: to work on portion control and to lose 3% body fat aka the quest for visible abs!

I am not sure if I’ll keep this same format for all six weeks of recaps, but here are my thoughts from my first seven days on my meal plan.

• It’s a lot harder than I thought.

I knew it was going to be a change but I didn’t realise just how much I mindless grab food, really didn’t know what a portion size looked like, or how little water I actually drink. I won’t say I’ve been perfect on week one (There was a night where I binged on 3 raw balls instead of my allotted one.) but I have identified a few areas that I can continual work on to improve next week. Just have to stick with it. (Though watching Master Chef doesn’t seem to help with food cravings…)

• Drinking 2-3L of waters a day is really tough for me.

A good day for me is 1L of water. Today, I am up to 1.5L and I feel like I need to pee ALL THE TIME! And I still need to do at least another half a liter! Oh dear…

Bananas, Raw Balls, Avocados, and Water. All on my plan.

• Avocado is actually pretty tasted when paired right.

There is a chicken wrap recipe in my meal plan that I wasn’t sure of at the start because it has avocado on it. Turns out, all avocado needs is a bit of salt and pepper and paired with chicken to be pretty tasty. I might not turn into someone who orders it all the time when I go out now, I think it will become a regular in my diet.

• Food does actually look more appealing when it is multi-coloured.

My partners beef nachos with cheese looked a lot less pretty then my spinach salad with chicken and sweet potatoes, which actually made me excited to eat it. I had gotten use to a plain colour palate that I forgot how good it is to eat with your eyes first. Because food does taste better when it looks beautiful.

Quinoa Protein Muffins

• I survived pre-period week without a breakout!

Normally during the week before my period, I tend to breakout a bit on my face and my skin gets very oily. I didn’t get any of that this week. I stayed basically normal skin-wise this whole week, so I am quietly optimistic that I might survive my time of the month pretty face intact.

• The nightly stomach pains were not fun.

I am not stranger to stomach trouble (Hi, I have IBS!) but the stomach pain I got almost nightly was not fun. Really not sure where it was coming from (it happened only in the evening no matter what I ate), why it was happening, and if it is IBS related, diet related, or something different. Going to try a few things to see if they help, but hopefully it clears up before I have to go see a doctor. I hadn’t been getting any pain before starting on the plan, so I was hugely surprised that switching my eating up brought on this.

Final thought: planning is key for any meal plan! Once I figure out my grocery list for the next couple days, everything else pretty much falls into place. I like know that I don’t have to think too hard on what I will eat next, but I do miss eating my partners random creations (he’s a trained chef and occasionally surprises me with something special and tasty). So I do feel like I am missing out a little bit, but tis the price to pay for a meal plan.

Excited to see what week number two will bring and hopefully it will be pain free!

Happy eating!