While many peoples Instagram and Facebook news feeds get filled up with food pictures and random memes, mine are filled with workouts and active wear. So while the Starbuck Unicorn Frappuccino was taking over the internet, I was seeing ads for a sports bra that was supposedly a game changer in terms of support and comfort. But can one bra really be so different then all that came before it? And for a price point of $99 AUD, is it worth the extra cash? Here is my take on lululemon’s Enlite Bra.

For full disclosure, I was gifted the Enlite Bra from my local lululemon store because I was one of 10 lucky clients who signed up early for an instore event. I am not being paid for this review, and all opinions are my own. If you want to read a full write up by lululemon on the Enlite Bra, head here.

I had read a few reviews about the Enlite Bra before I got the opportunity to give it a go myself. One of the things that I had seen a few times was that the Enlite Bra didn’t always fit true to normal bra sizes. (The Enlite Bra is sized like a normal bra such as 34 C or 36 D, unlike many other lululemon bras which as sized 2, 4, 6, etc.) This I found to be true, as I normally fit about a 32 C but ended up choosing a 34 D size. This partly in fact that there wasn’t any 32 band sizes in store, but also partly in fact the C cup bands felt like they were rubbing slightly into my outer arm. I have learned the hard way that something that rubs the wrong way in the fitting room just gets worst during real life, so D cup it was for me. My other first impressions of the bra? It was soft, comfortable, and I felt covered. It may not have been the most visually stunning sports bras I’ve worn, but it also wasn’t the most boring. A solid 8/10 for first impressions!

20170523_200157 (2)
The back of the Enlite Bra

Over the next week, I tried to test out the Enlite Bra in as many different situations as possible. I wore it to a Jungle Body workout (dance cardio), an F45 class (boxing cardio), a bootcamp (boxing strength class), instructing group classes and individual PT sessions, and going for my daily dog walks. I think I did a good job of getting both high impact and low impact exercises. Here is my list of pros and cons.

The Pros:

It is comfortable. The material is super soft and feels amazing on the skin. The molded cups mean no mono-boob and the criss-cross straps allow non-restricted movement. It’s great to wear on anything low impact, as it is pretty much a “put-it-on-and-forget-it” item. Which is a huge plus in my books, as it felt great during my dog walks and one-on-one instructing.

It’s supportive. With a wide band and three hook adjustability, the bra feels snug without being overly constricting. I didn’t feel my chest bouncing all over the place, even during The Jungle Body class. I also didn’t need to be constantly adjusting straps or pulling the under band during the class. (Only once or twice once I got real sweaty.)

The colour palette. I heard some of the other girls who were gifted the bra saying how much they wished it came in brighter colours, but I am so happy that the first release was in more neutral colours. While I would have looked to get it in black, the magnum is still really pretty and pairs perfectly with other neutrals (this is the one I have). I may be alone in this, but I am glad it wasn’t neon’s for the first round.

The Cons:

It has started to crease in the neck line. This is something I noticed right after the first class. Right in the center of the chest, it has started to bend and pucker out wards. This I see as a bit of a design flaw, as I haven’t had this happen to my other bras. Maybe a higher neckline would fix this, which would be fine by me as I am currently more into more coverage bras.

There is still some uncomfortable jiggle. Only a little bit, and only during a select exercises (mainly high rep fast twisting exercises), but it is still there. Maybe I was a little hyper sensitive since I was thinking a lot about my bra a lot while exercising, and noticed this. I definitely think the two years of research paid off, though I am not ready to give it a 100% just yet. Maybe like a 90-95%.

Is it worth the $99 price tag? Yes, if you haven’t found a supportive sports bra yet. The bra is designed for larger cup sizes (C-E) so larger chested ladies that haven’t found a perfect match yet, I would highly recommend giving the Enlite bra a try. If you already found something that works for you for a cheaper price tag, then save the money. I also feel that give it a few months or so for lululemon to gather feedback from their customers and ambassadors, and we may see an Enlite 2.0 that is even better, or at least a larger colour palette to satisfy the neon lovers.

What are your thoughts on the Enlite bra? Or is there another fancy piece of active wear that I should test out?

Happy working out!