This is going to be the start of the first Try It: Fitness series on nutrition! I’m excited to announce that thanks to Jess from Happy Healthy Foody, I am going on my first nutrition plan ever! Oh my!

Like any good plan, there was a bit of prep work to be done. We needed to know where was my starting point, that way we could actually see how my change in diet affected my overall body composition. Plus, there were goals to be made! So after a crazy busy morning of work and errands (which you will hear about later!) I headed off to meet Jess to get my pre-nutrition plan body composition scan done and see what fate had in store for me.

I am not going to lie, I was a bit worried about what the scan would show. While I have been trying to eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis since the start of the year, these last two weeks have been rough. I was working more, which ended up affecting both my exercise habits (I was only exercising 2x a week for maybe 15 minutes) and snacking a lot more on not the most nutritious food (aka Tim Tams and brownies). Needless to say, my mojo had taken a hit and I was kind of feeling not the best about my body. Great timing! But as it turned out, I think having a body scan when you aren’t feeling at your peak is okay!

So what is a body composition scan? In this instance, I am talking about a Bioelectrical Impedance Analyse (BIA). According to Wikipedia, BIA devices has been commercially available since the mid-1980’s and become popular because of the ease of use and non-invasive method of body composition (aka not the pinchy skinfold method.) BIA also actually “determines the electrical impedance, or opposition to the flow of an electric current through body tissues which can then be used to estimate total body water (TBW), which can be used to estimate fat-free body mass and, by difference with body weight, body fat.” Or in less science terms runs electrical currents from one pad that you are holding or standing on to another and measures the resistance between the two points. It should be noted, as easy as BIA machines are to use, they aren’t the gold standard for body composition. (That would be DEXA.) Hydration levels, time after last meal or last bought of exercise can affect body fat percent in BIA, so being careful to follow appropriate pre-testing guideline to give the most accurate results is important! Onto my results!

The BIA only takes about a minute to complete and then all the results are printed out onto one nice summery sheet. Here’s mine.


Of things to note: I am actually doing okay! My Soft Lean Mass (SLM, Body water + Protein) is optimal along with my Skeletal Muscle Mass (all the muscles that are attached to your bones) and most of my other results. I am pretty happy to see my Percent Body Fat is lower then the last time I had my skinfolds done (again, a few months ago), which was one of my concerns (my skinfolds were higher then I was expecting). But what I was happiest to see was that my visceral fat level (fat store around organs) is low, which means my I am doing my job at keeping my risk for heart disease and diabetes low. No need to give my genetics any incentive to sway the wrong way!

So what do all these results mean for me and my nutrition plan? It means I get to actually focus on the little things like portion size, learning how to cook better and meal prep, verse needing to make sweeping overall life changes. Which is better in general, as smaller positive changes tend to stick more long term then drastic overhauls. But I do like to set myself up with a measurable goal, as those are the easiest to track. So while I don’t need to make drastic changes, I am aiming to lose 3% body fat. And though I didn’t mention this to Jess (whoops!) I do think it will help with my body confidence and my confidence while cosplaying, since I want to feel my best by the time Supanova comes to Perth at the end of June!

I hope you’ll all join me on my nutrition adventure! I am aim to post mini updates through the process plus a comparison at the end. Let’s go for that 3%!

To check out Happy Healthy Foody, go to Jess’s website here!!

Happy nutrition adventure!