I love being a Personal Trainer. It’s a career path I’ve wanted since I was 12. Unfortunately, it isn’t all sunshine and roses and I’ve had to make ends meet by taking other jobs. I had hoped never to hold a desk job, but I do hold one now. Desk jobs can be a bit of a pit fall when it comes to staying healthy, but I do think it is possible to stay on the up and up and survive being stuck at a desk all day.

Here are my 4 tips to staying healthy while working a desk job:

Have water or tea (no sweetener added!) handy 24/7.

This helps out so much while stuck at a desk. Not only do you stay hydrated (because air cons and heaters tend to suck all the moisture out of the air!) but it can really help with curbing mindless snacking. By having something with a little bit of flavour, such as tea or homemade flavoured waters, it can also give you the little something that you were looking for without over consuming.

Bring layers with you.

I am often freezing at my desk due to the air con in my work. (We have one thermostat for the 4 offices and reception area and temperature seems to vary between rooms.) This can lead me to reaching for food to keep me warm if I am not prepared. I always now bring a sweater with me to make sure my core temperature stays up, and potentially an extra pair of pants if I wore dress shorts to work.

Move every 20 minutes if possible

Even if it’s just getting out of the desk to hit the washroom or to stand up and stretch, moving every 20 minutes makes a huge difference. Anything to get you out of the chair and allowing yourself time to reset and refocus on your posture once you are back seated. (For tips on how to properly set up your computer see my post here!)

Bring your own lunch and snacks

It’s easy to nip out to grab something from a fast food restaurant, but that gets expensive plus usually isn’t the healthiest option. By packing a lunch, plus snacks for during the day, it makes it easier to stay on the healthier path. This doesn’t need to be to complicated. Simply make some extra at dinner time for the next day, keep a pack of nuts or freeze dried fruit at you desk or in your bag, and make a batch of homemade granola for the week and your set!

If you work a desk job, what are your tips to staying healthy?

Happy working!