It’s hard to flip through a women’s lifestyle magazine or scroll any women’s lifestyle website and not see some sort of celebrity inspired workout. Ranging from workouts claiming to “give you a butt like Beyoncé” to “Ellie Goulding’s workout from when she’s on tour” and “Secrets from Blake Lively’s Trainer”, there are tons of workouts out there with some sort of celebrity stamp. Personally, I’ve never really done any of these celebrity workouts. While I do sometimes wish I had a model’s body (Hi, stomach pudge. I still love you…), I tend to choose workout’s inspired by other personal trainers or athletes, as I find them to be more about building strength, speed or endurance and less about looking a certain way. But Try It is all about trying new things! So after watching Michelle Khare’s Trying Kendall Jenner’s Ab Workout YouTube video, I decided to give Kendall Jenner’s workout a try. Plus, how hard can it be?

The Kendall Jenner’s Ab Workout can be found easily. Besides Michelle’s video, I found the best explanation of the workout in two places: Kendall Jenner’s own YouTube channel(though it is not Kendall Jenner herself doing the exercise demos) or on Cosmopolitan’s website which has a post on the workout. After a quick look through the exercises, I was excited. While I don’t on any level believe that doing this workout will make me look like Kendall Jenner (and I am pretty sure that she doesn’t solely rely on this workout and has a personal trainer to help her keep in shape), it did look like a decent ab workout.

If you don’t want to check out either of the links, here is a quick list of the exercises in the workout (for 1 round):

Forearm Plank (30 sec)
Hand Plank (30 sec)
Forearm Side Plank (15 sec each side)
Side Plank with Elbow to Knee Crunch (5 reps per side)
Hand Plank with Around The World Lifts (15 sec)
Alternating Knee to Elbow in Forearm Plank (10 reps)
Bicycle Crunches (30 secs)
Toe Touches (30 secs)
Rocking Hand Plank (15 secs)
Bent Knee Jackknifes (15 reps)
Russian Twists (15 reps)
Crunches (20 reps)
Donkey Kicks (15 reps per side)

Three things that I love right off the bat: 1. No crazy moves. Everything in the work out I’ve seen before, just not in this combination. 2. It’s a realistic time to complete the workout. The video on Kendall Jenner’s channel calls it “My 11 Minute At-Home Workout” and it pretty much delivers on that. Not to short to make you second guess putting on workout gear, but not something an hour long either. 3. Besides some space and a timer, no equipment is needed, making this a truly at-home work out! Anyone can have access to it and do it, which is a huge plus. So off to a great start!

I tried this workout on two separate occasions. The first was when I did it as my only workout because I was pressed for time aka had a spare 15 minutes to myself to workout, the second time I did it post 15 minute bike intervals with as much time as I wanted. This is what I noticed: It’s a great workout! While watching Michelle do it, it seemed a lot harder then I actually found it. I would put doing one round of it at a medium beginner level aka someone who has the basics down. None of the moves are complicated, and the timings in the workout aren’t really long enough to challenge me. That being said, each of the exercises flowed really well from one to the next and I didn’t feel like I was awkwardly flipping from my back to my front excessively. I also enjoyed the verity of planks and finishing on a glute exercise, because everyone should work their glutes more!

After doing the workout on its own and finding it good but not enough, I decided to try it again after a short workout. I found it to be a perfect pairing to my bike intervals as it focused more on core and arms where my biking was leg focused. I also did two rounds instead of one. This seemed to do the trick. The second round I found more challenging and actually broke a sweat! I would say one round is good for beginners or after a long workout, and two plus rounds after a short workout or on their own for those more intermediate/advanced is the way to go.

Overall, this is a solid routine. I enjoyed it and plan on adding it into my own routine every once in a while. As I said before, I don’t think this routine alone will get me a body like Kendall Jenner’s, but I do think that it can be a part of a solid at-home workout fitness routine.

Any other celebrity workouts should I try?

Happy Working Out!