It’s back! Another Weekly Workout! (Well, it’s more like monthly or bi-monthly now…)

Today’s workout focus is all about coordination and balance. There is a lot of combining two moves together to keep the brain engaged while performing each exercise. Coordination is important in everyday life as without it, things get mighty complicated and chaotic! By working on coordination is an exercise setting, the pace is slowed down and extra attention can be paid to the little things such as micro movements of the foot, spacial awareness and how wonderful great hand eye coordination is! I don’t see coordination done enough in workouts nowadays, so I made this one to keep you all on your toes! (Literally…)

As a bonus, it’s a video workout! That requires NO EQUIPMENT! (Description below the video.)

Coordination Workout!
Complete 3-5 rounds for a full body workout!
Jumping Jacks w/Heel Touches x20
Squat w/High Knee x20
Mountain Climbers x20
Wide Mountain Climbers x20
Cross Body Mountain Climbers x20
Push Up w/Shoulder Taps x15
One Leg Balance Sequence x3 per leg

Hope you enjoy!

What type of workout do you want to see next?

Happy coordinating!