I have been in and around the fitness industry for the past 7 (ish) years of my life. While this seems like a long time, some days I still feel very much like a newbie. But in this instance, feeling like a newbie is a good thing! It really pushes me to keep going out and learn more about my chosen field of employment. To be the best trainer I can be, I work hard to experience new styles of workouts (Hence my Try It: Fitness series) and learn more from other trainer so I can relate more to my clients and their life experiences. It also serves as my inspiration for new workout and exercises, allowing me not to get stuck in a rut.

One of the most beautiful things though about the fitness industry nowadays is the access to trainers from around the world. Thanks to the internet and social media, my inspirations can be from anywhere! I can follow a trainer in the US and learn how she structures an arm workout, just as easily as I can read a blog about core exercises from Adelaide. While I still look at every workout with a critical eye (social media has also helped the spread of bad techniques, form, and advice too.) there are many gems in which I pull daily inspiration from.

Here are my current chooses for online daily fitness inspiration:

1. Tone It Up

This is one of my all time favourites as I really love how K & K have structured the site and workouts. I love the idea of the 5 daily moves, which change daily and each day has a different focus, as I find they are great for a quick burn in the morning or when I am pressed for time. The exercises are also called by slightly different names then the normal ones I use, which reminds me that not all clients learn the same. Sometimes, by just using different language, it makes a whole lot more sense to someone else.

2. Alexia Clark

Alexia Clark is exercise demo goals! Not only does she post amazing workouts (both beginner and super advanced) she demonstrates them flawlessly. She is a recent find for me, but I think she is what I aspire to be with my exercises demo. Go check her out!

3. Bodybuilding.com

There are a ton of different workouts on here, most of them based on strength building or “transformations”. I like using Bodybuilding.com for days that I need a reminder of the basics, since many of these workouts are based around weight. I personally followed the upper body workouts from Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer: Your 12-Week Transformation Plan, and was really pleased with both the workouts and my results. Also, since most of the workouts come in plans, if you are new to workout programming/how to do spilt workout, this is a must see. There are tons of different options within clicks of each other, which is amazingly handy for newbies.

4. Blogilates

I’ve gone through phases of doing Pop Pilates (one of blogilates workout series) daily, to not looking at them for months. Yet, I always come back to these videos as they remind me that there is so much you can do with just your body and a bit of space. From simple warm ups to body part specific workouts, I am always inspired by the array of bodyweight exercises included. Plus, this is one way Pilates is affordable to me!

5. lululemon’s The Sweat Life Blog

While lululemon’s main focus is yes clothes, they do push out great blog pieces. From profiles on their ambassadors, different fitness businesses around the world, and general fitness advice, The Sweat Life is a reminder that it’s okay to pursue your passion in whatever shape and form it comes in. Fitness doesn’t fit nicely into any box, so I love being inspired by other athletes and business owners who had an idea and when for it.

Who inspires you in your daily fitness life? What are your favourite social media people to follow? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Inspiration!