If you gave me unlimited money, I am pretty sure I would have a membership to almost every gym and studio within 20km of my house. I love having access to a plethora of equipment and workout styles, as it allows me to find a workout that suites my daily mood and schedule. Unfortunately, I have yet to win the lottery, so my small budget does limit where I can workout. Though my job as a Personal Trainer does give me access to a substantial amount of equipment, I still end up working out quite a bit at home due to my schedule. Which leads me to today’s topic: how to build an at home gym on a budget!

At home gyms are a great alternative to traditional gyms and studio’s for a variety of reasons: cheaper (no contracts to sign, or weekly payment), convenient (you don’t even have to leave the house!), you can workout whenever you want for as long as you want (hello 15 minute workouts), and no waiting for equipment! (Except if you share your gym with your partner or roommates. But one person is better then 20!)) I also think that building an at home gym can give you access to more exercises, as you are no longer stuck just on bodyweight ones when you are working out at home. But where do you start when building a home gym?

With the basics! Welcome to my “Build A Home Gym On A Budget” post! These are my recommendations on where you should start building your gym. I’ve broken my “Build A Home Gym On A Budget” into two categories: Small budget ($20) and Medium Budget ($100). I was going to do a large budget, but by the time you get to that point, everyone’s individual workout styles are so different that what I recommend would only be my own “dream list” and totally irrelevant to many others. I also decided that I would do all my “shopping” at Kmart, since it’s cheap and an easy place to find many of the basics. It may not be the best quality, but it will get you through the initial stages without breaking the bank, and allow you to do all your shopping in one place. Plus, it will let you discover your own workout style before dropping hundreds of dollars on equipment that just becomes fancy clothes racks when you discover you hate biking or kettlebells. So let’s get “shopping”!


Small Budget Gym ($20) includes:
• Speed Rope – ($2)
• Fitness Mat – ($4)
• Stretch Band – 3 pack – ($8)
• Light Resistance Band – 1.3cm Wide – ($6)

Why I choose these items:
The skipping rope is a great piece of cardio equipment that adds variety without too much difficulty. I believe a mat should be on everyones list, as it makes any floor exercise much nicer to do as it provides some cushioning for your floor and a designated exercise area. (Plus if you own a dog like me, keeps you out of the dog hair.) The different tension resistance bands means that you can move into new exercises such as crab walks, bicep curls, tricep extensions, etc, and find a difficulty that is suited to your fitness level. Bonus, all this equipment is pretty small and can easily be stored.


Medium Budget Gym ($100) includes:
• Weighted Jump Rope – ($4)
• Fitness Mat – ($4)
• Stretch Band – 3 pack ($8)
• 8kg Kettlebell – ($20)
• 5kg Dumbbell – ($18/each) x2 ($36 total)
• 2kg Dumbbell – ($8/each) x2 ($16 total)
• 55cm Fit Ball – ($10)

Why I Choose These Items:
Many of the same items from the small gym list, most items that I added to the list were weights. Because as good as resistance bands are, I do find weights are easier to use for certain exercises and adds many exercises that can’t be done with bands. Kettlebells can be used in many exercises (swings, presses, rows) and dumbbells are great for bilateral exercises. (Even if they are light. Think endurance.) Add in the fit ball, which can be used as either bench for sitting or lying exercises, it also it a great tool for many core exercises. For $100, you can add so many exercises to your at home workout.


Large Budget Gym (Over $100)
Go wild! At this point, choose equipment that help you workout in your favourite way.

This is just one way to set up an at home gym from one place. If you start with the basics and grow your gym from there, you’ll be able to build an amazing way to workout without having to leave your home.

What do you have in your at home gym?

Happy Working Out!