I love working out! Whether in the gym, at home, or outdoors, getting moving anywhere just makes my whole day better. No matter where I workout, there are certain things I all make sure that I have with me. They are my workout must haves. These 5 things just make my workout much more efficient and productive which in turn leads to a happier and healthier me! (Isn’t that the whole point of working out?)

Here are my 5 must haves for any workout:

1) A plan!


Whether it’s for cardio or weights, having a plan means I’ll push myself in my workout and not waste time figuring out what to do next. For the days that I am super motivated, this can me writing out my own workouts before hand in my training notebook. For the days I am determined to get my workout but maybe lacking a little motivation, I turn to classes, online workouts by my favourite trainers or apps like Aaptiv. That way I set myself up for workout success, even on my rough days that I don’t even feel like leaving the house.

2) A supportive crop top/sports bra


I need to feel supported and held in during my workout. Nothing kills a HIIT session like to much bounce from the girls! Plus, just being in active wear makes me feel ready to workout. This is the first thing I put on in the morning when doing my 6am workouts.

3) A water bottle


Got to stay hydrated! I love water bottles with built in straws for my workouts so I can just sip and move on. While I tend to not drink a ton of water during my workout, I hate having that cotton mouth feeling, hence why a straw style water bottle is perfect for me.

4) A headband/bobby pins/pro wrap


I’ve had many hairstyles over the years include some super awkward fringes. One of the most annoying thing during a workout in having either wispys or your whole fringe in your eyes. It is just so distracting! So I always make sure my gym bag contains a headband, some booby pins or pro wrap so I can keep my hair off my face. I may not look like a supermodel, but I can sure work out like one!

5) A killer playlist


Some days I don’t have the luxury of working out to a playlist, but when I do get the choice, I crank the tunes! I love anything upbeat, fun, and sassy, as it gets me so pumped up. While this sometimes means my rest between sets turns into mini dance breaks (whoops!) a good playlist just makes my whole workout fly by and always makes me excited for my next sweat session.

What are some of your must haves for any workout?

Special thanks to the team at Aaptiv for this great blog idea!

Happy Workout!