If you ever felt like you needed a bit more of a challenge from your workouts, always feel like you only have 15 minutes a day to exercise or are at least somewhat competitive, then I have a workout for you!

Have you tried AMRAP workouts?

“As Many Rounds As Possible” or AMRAP for short is a style of workout that has been around for a while, but is seeing an increase in popularity. It can be seen in Crossfit WOD or in many popular fitness trainers workouts. AMRAP is usually done in 7 minute rounds or time limits (shorter for finisher style workouts) with simple and straight forward exercises to allow for smooth transitions between rounds. Amount of exercises vary depending on your trainer, but most AMRAP workouts I’ve seen have between 3-5 exercises, though rep counts vary drastically from one workout to the next. During the workout, you mark off each exercise or round that you have completed to give yourself a “score” when the time is finished. These scores allow you to compare each day you complete the same workout and see if you are progressing. (Very similar to fitness testing that I talked about in my Crossfit inspired workout post.)

AMRAP workouts are very flexible because you can tailor them to be more endurance/strength based or cardio based depending on the exercises you include. Either way, you are sure to get your heart rate up, adrenaline going, and the sweat pouring. Personally I love them for when I am strapped on time but still want to get a full body workout in or as a finisher to the end of a session to end on a high note dripping in sweat. And for today’s weekly workout, you get not one but two videos of my favourite AMRAP workouts! The first one is a strength based workout that was designed by my coach when I was doing kettlebell training and really is a full body workout that can be modified for whatever your fitness level is. The second one is a cardio/core combo that I affectionately call “Jacked” that I created for clients to finish off their sessions with. I love both of them and try to get one in every two weeks and then compare my scores to keep pushing for improvement.

And the bonus second workout this week!

Let me know which workout was your favourite or if you would like me to create another style of AMRAP video!

Happy training!