I always love starting my day off with a workout and today I got the opportunity to try out Konga! Because what better way to start a Sunday then working out on the beach?

For those that haven’t heard Konga is one of the workouts in the Jungle Body series. The Jungle Body (according to their website) “was founded by Tara Simich in 2010 to offer the world a range of workouts that even the most unncoordinated person could master & leave dripping in sweat!” Konga is then defined as “an easy-to-follow, high intensity fusion of Boxing, Cardio, Dance & Sculpting set to the hottest beats from all decades.” All this sounds pretty good, especially for someone like me who takes a little bit to pick up choreography.

I was super excited for today since I haven’t had the opportunity to do Konga since hearing about it at the Fitness and Health Expo. (They had a live demo and class that was completely booked out before the expo.) While I was a bit skeptical for how much of a workout it was going to be, it did look like a fun time and with todays workout being free, when would be a better time to try it? So after a short dog walk, a small leg circuit (I have too much of a routine to ruin, so a workout before a workout today!), and breakfast, I hopped in my car and headed out to Scarborough Amphitheatre to get my sweat on!

I made sure to be there early since there were goodie bags being handed out to the first 200 people. But I was so early (well, half an hour before the event early) that they weren’t even finished putting them together yet! Thankfully, I still managed to snag one, which was filled with a few coupons and flyers for the different Jungle Body classes around Perth. Perth Fit Fam was also there handy out bags, this time with a protein bar and green tea fat burners, which was a nice bonus. The location was also pretty perfect for this type of class as there was a lot of space to spread out and do the class, all while having a great view of our 4 instructors. (Except for the girl who had to sit almost right on top of me before the class started, she apparently needed my personal space too.)

We got right into the workout right at 9am and then it was a solid 45 minutes of moving and shaking. The songs were upbeat and fun, and so were most of the moves. Each song had specific moves unique to them and seemed to focus on one body part (legs, arms, or core). I especially loved when we hit the arms song, as they joked it was a “break” from all the legs. That being said, it didn’t actually feel like that much of a leg workout. We only did squats in one song, the rest was high knees, grapevines, box steps, or butt kicks. I would definitely call Konga more of a dance class, almost like an updated jazzercise class. Sure, we threw some punches (though I doubt most of these punches would do any real damage) but a lot of the moves it would be easier imaging them in a music video then a gym. I wouldn’t really even call it “boxing for fitness” with the amount we did.

All that aside, if you look at Konga as a dance style cardio workout then it is awesome change of pace. It did give me a chance to let loose a little bit in my normally very traditional workout routine. For once, I was less self-conscious about working out in a crop top and more concerned that I was on the right foot. It is also really fun to take my dancing out of the kitchen and into public without feeling like a complete fool. Because dancing to Fergie’s “MILF$” is way more fun when you aren’t worried about running into your stove.

Overall, if you are looking for some fun cardio style workouts, I think Konga could be a good fit. It’s simple, fun, and when done in a group, high energy. While I do not feel that I would replace anything in my current workout with Konga, I could see myself doing it every once in a while to add some verity. Because life really does get better when you are dancing!

Have you tried any of the Jungle Body workouts before? What are your thoughts?

Happy dancing!