It’s the new year and I’ve really gotten into the cosplay spirit! I’ve been working on a few different projects, and things are progressing along quite nicely thanks to my newly borrowed sewing machine. (Yay, I can sew things faster and in a straight line now!) While my projects are on the go, I’ve been putting together a few closet cosplays to bide my time.
For those unfamiliar with the term, closet cosplay means creating a cosplay of a character simply out of what you already own with only adding a small amount of other details (ex. Adding a logo, buying a specific colour of t-shirt, etc.) The idea is more to embody the spirit of the character rather than be 100% accurate. If you have been following me on Facebook, you may already know that I created closet cosplays for 2 of my favourite characters from the Big Bang Theory for a guest post on Miccostume. (If you want to read that post,click here !)

Today, I chose another series that I love Gilmour Girls! With the release of Gilmour Girls: A Year In The Life on Netflix, Gilmour Girls has been put back in the spotlight. One thing I’ve seen a lot of are articles and photos of pop up Luke’s Diner that happened around the United States as promotion for the new Gilmour Girls mini series. So what better closet cosplay to do then Luke Danes?

Luke Danes has a pretty standard outfit he wears most of the episode, so it was pretty simple to throw an outfit all together. (With a bit of help from my partners closet…) Here are my thoughts on creating a Luke cosplay:


-Start with a plain coloured t-shirt, crew style. I chose navy as it seems to be a chosen colour for Luke.
-Add a flannel button up over shirt. Think lumberjack colours (reds or blues). If you can, chose something on the baggier size, as comfort is key here. I raided my partner’s closet and he had the perfect choice for Luke!
-Basic boot cut jeans, in a medium blue, ideally they should have a lived in look. Because Luke does most of his living in his jeans it seems.
-Work boots or older looking runners. Again, think lived in, comfortable (Luke would be on his feet all day in the diner), and basic neutral colour palette (black, navy, dark grey). If it just for a photoshoot, you can do what I do and borrow my partner’s runners (even though they are too big for me) to get a more ideal look.
-Backwards baseball cap. Again, go basic colours here. Luke’s is a medium to navy blue most days (fabric style), but go with what you have. (Mine was black.)
-For each details, carry around a coffee mug or coffee pot, yell at Jess, and make witty banter. If it’s cold, add a military style olive green jacket to complete your look.


And now you can closet cosplay!

What are some of your favourite Netflix shows? Which one should I cosplay next?

Happy creating!