In 2017, I am making a change!

I usually am not the one for making resolutions for the new year. Too often I find myself not keeping up with these resolutions as the year progresses. My life changes, and I soon find that the resolutions I made in January don’t quite fit with how my life is in June. But this year I may have found the solution to this problem!

This is easily one of the best ideas I’ve seen on many blogs and Instagram about new year resolutions. Instead of making specific yet vague goals (I want to be healthier, I am going to exercise more, etc.) you choose one word as your focus for 2017. (Or I like to call it, choosing your “word theme” for the year.) This word can be anything, as long as it is meaningful to you. You then use that word as a jumping off point on defining goals or things that you want to change this year. I love this idea since as you grow and change yourself throughout the year you can keep coming back to the same “word theme” or “word focus” which can grow and change with you. It allows focus and continuity throughout the whole year.

For me, 2017’s “word focus” is going to be love. I am going to learn to appreciate myself more and love myself no matter what point I am on during my fitness journey. I am only going to buy clothing if it instantly makes me love the way I look in them. I am going to work more on hobbies and activities I love and develop these passions more. I am going to give more time to people I love.

What is your “word theme” for 2017?
(If you get stuck for ideas, check out this article on Lauren Conrad’s website. It helped me choose mine!)

Happy New Year!