From beginners to experienced cosplayers, getting gifts related to our chosen craft is amazing! Cosplay is definitely not the cheapest of hobbies with each cosplay having unique specifications that need to be taken care of. By gifting the cosplayer in your life one of these gift ideas below, not only are you save them money and time, but allowing them to create bigger and better cosplays. I’ve tried to make sure there are gifts at many different price point, so even if you are on a small budget yourself, you can still help the cosplayer in your life immensely. 

Let’s Get Gifting!

12 Gifts for the Cosplayer in Your Life:

1. Beginner/Started Sewing Kit

Sewing Kit.jpg

Because we all need to start somewhere! Great for the beginner cosplayer who wants to get into fabric and sewing projects. These will cover all the basic tools that are needed (needles, threader, a few straight pins, measuring tape, seam ripper, and usually a little bit of thread) to get started on a first project. You can find them at most big box stores (This one is from KMart.) or at craft stores, and they are fairly inexpensive.

2. Worbla and Heat Gun

worbla-store yaya.jpg

If your cosplay is into armour making, this is an ideal gift for them! Worbla is the cosplayer go-to material for amour as it can be finished to look like metal or any type of plating, yet it is a lot lighter then actual metal. (Aka, you can wear it for a whole day.) If they are just starting out, a heat gun to shape the worbla will go a long way to making better and smoother armour. Yaya Han, one of the most famous cosplayers in the world carries a good selection of it in her online store.

3. Hot Glue Gun and Lots of Glue Sticks
Because things have just got to stick together! Great for non-sewers, amour makers, or last minute fixes. If they already have a glue gun, ask them for the brand and or size, as glue sticks can occasionally come in different sizes.

4. Basic Make Up Kits/Large Colour Palette Make Up


So many characters, so many looks! Every character a cosplayer chooses usually have not only a distinct outfit, but a unique look to go along with it. Even with the most basic looks, a lot of make-up can be needed which can add up in price over time. With these palettes, your cosplayer wont constantly need to pick up colours when they just need a little blue eye shadow. NYX Cosmetics has a great selection of palettes in a verity of colours.

5. Cutting Mat

Cutting Mat.jpeg

My mother has one of these and they are amazing! Not only does these protect your workspace, they protect your x-acto knives and scissors too. They are a little more expensive but totally would be a great gift. Find them at Spotlight in Australia.

6. Repair Kits for Conventions

Feel that your cosplayer already has everything? Or just know they are super picky with materials? Create them an emergency repair kit for conventions or photo shoots. In a small container (think about the size of a pocket first aide kit), place a few safety pins, a needle and thread (neutral tones or black), double sided tape, bobby pins, small pair of scissors, baby wipes (for spills or accidental make up smudges), duct tape, band-aides, or anything that is small but can be used for a quick costume patch job. Simple yet very much appreciated.

7. Dress Form

dress form.jpg

This I going to be on my personal list until I stop moving around the world. A dress foam is a fantastic to be able to fit and work on your cosplay in a human shape! I know real dress forms can get expensive,(Like this one.) so a cheaper alternative is buying supplies and then volunteering to help the cosplayer make one. (Because help is definitely appreciated on projects like this.)

8. Gift Cards to Target/Kmart/Wal-Mart (or any craft or fabric store)

Cosplaying can get expensive, so even having an extra couple of $$$ to spend can go along way. As many cosplayers are both creative and thrifty, big box store that carry a little bit of everything are perfect as you can find both craft supplies and many clothing basics like t-shirts, tanks, bras, and cheap shoes that you don’t mind cutting/painting!

9. Patterns

Bodysuit pattern yaya han.jpg

Many cosplayers need to make custom patterns for every single cosplay they make, but occasionally a basic pattern can be used. With the rise of better cosplay patterns becoming more mainstream, getting them a pattern for a body suit, leotard or accessories can save a cosplayer a lot of time getting started. Especially for the beginner cosplayer, it can help them further develop their pattern making skills by seeing how professional ones look like. Cosplay by McCalls has some amazing patterns that all beginner cosplayers could use.

10. Drop Sheets and tarps

For the cosplayer that does a lot of painting. Even if they have a dedicated space for their craft, it’s nice not to have to deal with every single paint drop or to worry about where that spray paint is going. These can be super cheap, as you can donate to them all your old sheets and towels. (Great for parents with budding cosplayers too!)

11. Sewing Shears

A good pair of scissors can go a long way to making cosplay look better. Less time spent hiding uneven cuts or dealing with scissors that just won’t cut (I’m looking at you safety scissors) this is a great gift for any level of cosplayer.

12. Kigurumi or Nerd Inspired T-Shirts


Some days you just need a little bit of nerdy comfort! Especially after spending 6+ hours in a cosplay, it’s nice to have something that still shows off your nerdy love, without spending hours getting into it. From shirts that double as closet cosplayers to kigurumi’s that offer full end of the day comfort, base your choice on either a cosplay they have done before or a future project to ensure they’ll love it!

No matter what you get the cosplayer in your life, just showing them support can go a long way. Cosplay is hard work and it’s nice to know others think what we are doing is awesome.

What are your favourite cosplay gifts?

Happy Holidays!