Needless to say, I had a bit of a busy Sunday!

I seem to be on a bit of a roll with finding free classes right now during my free time, so who was I to turn down another great opportunity! Another find over Facebook, I was especially excited since this class being put on by Class Pass was being offered at a gym I’ve been eyeing for months since another trainer mentioned them to me, called Movement Co. Unlike traditional gyms, Movement Co’s difference is evident as soon as you walk into the open and airy space that is filled with bars, rings, a climbing wall and a lot of mats. Offering classes in strength and conditioning, parkour, calisthenics, gymnastics and climbing, I couldn’t wait to try something completely out of my comfort zone!

After gathering as an eager group, we were taken through a warm up by Ben and Jacob, two of the coaches at Movement Co. All of the warm up was fun and almost playful, and I really enjoyed moving in different patterns that I don’t normally get through. We then divided into two groups: one went with Jacob to learn how to do better handstands and the other with Ben to learn parkour! (Yay!)

I was super stoked to start off with Ben, as parkour was definitely on my list of things I’ve really wanted to try but never felt cool enough to do. But like my foray into breaking, knowing absolutely no one in the class came as a huge benefit. It is way easier just to go 100% and not mind if I look like a complete noob if I have the chance of never seeing any of these people again! As it was only a quick intro class, Ben decided to teach us a palm spin, a move that looks pretty cool if done right and isn’t overly complicated. He was really good at breaking it down and giving us a lot of good pointers to set us up to give it a good go. We then got onto the boxes and started practicing ourselves. It started off pretty good, and I was landing the practice moves! After about 15 minutes of practice, Ben encouraged us if we felt confident to give the full move a go. I wish I could say I nailed it, but unfortunately,not quite. But I almost nailed it! It is a move that I feel given another practice session I could totally get, but after one major slip of my foot, I banged my shin into the wooden box and ended up with a pretty bruise, and it made me a little box shy for the rest of class.

As a fun ending to the parkour section, Ben showed us a palm spin on a wall (read: giant blue crash mat) then let us have a crack at it. It was awesome watching others get this cool move (it looks super sweet!) by I just couldn’t fully commitment to throwing my legs over top of my head. (Read: I tried really hard to land on my face.) I really appreciated Ben through, as he did spot me through on my final attempt and pretty much threw my legs for me so I could do it. So nailed it, sort of!

The second half of the evening we spent with Jacob, coach and founder of Movement Co learning how to do handstands better. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve tried practicing on my own, but it is 1000x better having a coach to correct and mentor you through the moves. We got into a number of drills used to build shoulder strengthen (wall hold, practicing our kick ups, and shoulder taps) but they felt fun despite being quite a bit of work. To anyone that wants to get better with your handstands, take a course! I feel so much more confident in my ability and was given some great tips on what I can do to keep improving (aka building up my core strength and not arching my back so much).

I can’t say enough good things about my evening at Movement Co, and I am so grateful for Class Pass for putting on this evening. I had a blast learning new skills and techniques, Ben and Jacob are super knowledgeable and encouraging and I would love to take more of their classes. The space is great for learning, and minus getting bruises on my shin, the evening was a success for me. For anyone in Perth that is looking for something different, a new way to train, or just want to work with some awesome coaches, Movement Co is worth checking out.

These last two post also marks the start of a new series on my blog that I am dubbing “Try It: Fitness”. “Try It: Fitness” will be my personal experiences trying out new gyms, studios, classes, workouts, and other fitness related things! Pretty much whatever I can get my hands on without breaking the bank! I hope to create a place where you can come, get more information about something in the fitness industry, and to see if it’s for you, even if you don’t live in Perth. Because I know I’ve wonder “what exactly am I getting myself into?” when I sign up for a new class or workout! Any posts related to this series can now be found under the “Try It: Fitness” tab in the menu.

That being said, if there is something I should try for my next new experience leave it in the comments below! (Or if you are part of a business that I should come try, I can be reached here!)

Happy Parkour and Handstands!