What do you get when you combine drumsticks, pilates and dance? A Sunday morning of Pound!

As I am always on the hunt for free fitness classes (I wrote a whole post on it here.) I was happy to stumble upon a Facebook event for an intro to Pound class. I had seen a video about this workout a few months ago on FB and was intrigued. But like many trendy fitness classes, it wasn’t offered here in “wait awhile” Perth. Until now! I was excited to try something different, so I grabbed my water bottle and lululemon tank and headed out to make some noise!

Pound, as described by the official website, “is the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums.” The session took place in a yoga studio, so our group of 20 grabbed a yoga mat and were handed our “Ripstix” (lime green plastic ¼ pound drumsticks) by our instructor Ellie. After a quick intro to Pound, the drumming began! Like any good group class, Ellie lead us through a warm up that let us get use to the Ripstix. They do feel really light and are one of the easiest piece of exercise equipment I’ve ever used. And like boxing, getting to hit anything during a workout can be quite the stress reliever. So we were off to a good start!

Like many aerobic or spin classes, each song sets the beat for the exercises. After the warm up, we pounded our way through squats, lunges, Russian twists, and a lot of arm movements. None of the movements were overly complicated, but a good sense of rhythm and a bit of coordination would benefit anyone who decides to take this class. If we ever did get lost, Ellie told us to just try the best we could and if all else, pound our sticks on the floor and make some noise. (Which I may have done once or twice…) During the class, I didn’t feel that it was the “burn 900+ calories per hour” that the website bills, but it was definitely one of the best workout a “dance party” has ever given me. Plus, getting to workout to Paramore and Fall Out Boy, some of my favourite bands, was a giant personal bonus.

Overall, I really wasn’t that soar after the class, nor really sweated. I think this would change as you learn the movement combinations and are more focused on “pounding it out” and less on the cross-pound-cross-up movements. It was a ton of fun though, and while I don’t think this will replace my normal cardio circuits and HIIT training, I think I would enjoy going every once in a while for something different.

For those interested to try it out in Perth, Ellie starts teaching next week Sunday at Twisting Peacock Yoga. For everyone else, check out the Pound Website for a class near you.

Happy Pounding!