Ever since getting back from my trip from Canada, I’ve been working to get myself on a more consistent schedule. No more late nights, and getting up every day at about the same time, Unfortunately, as a Personal Trainer, this new wake up time is now 5am, so I can comfortably be teaching clients and classes at 6am. I’ve never really thought of myself as a morning person (I think 8am is a wonderful time to get up!) but I am slowly adjusting to this new schedule and being surprisingly more productive! I feel like I’ve gain an extra 3 hours in my day! What a difference!

Changing from a later morning riser to an early riser wasn’t easy. The first couple days were rough. After a couple weeks now, I’ve actually developed a few tips and tricks that have helped me become an early riser. It wasn’t easy, but it is definitely worth it!

Tricks to become a morning person:

• Set your alarm for the same time each morning. It is an easier adjustment if you are always getting up at the same time, plus less likely you’ll muck up when you need to set your alarm. Be consistent!

• Go to bed at a time that give you enough sleep for the night. To ensure that I am well rested for a 5am start, I am to be in bed between 8:30-9pm. I like my full 8 hour beauty sleep!

• Give yourself a good reason to get out of bed! Most days I have clients first thing, so there’s that. (Work is a very strong motivator for me to leave my cozy bed.) On days that I don’t have clients (read: Sundays) I find another productive reason to leave my bed. Usually it’s to get a walk in with my dog before it gets really hot or busy. There is something so calming about walking around a quiet neighbourhood in the am.

• Learn your eating patterns! When I first started getting up at 5am, the thought of food made me nauseous, but I was starving by the time my 8am break rolls around. So I altered my eating habits to include an earlier and lighter dinner, which seems to help in the morning. While I am not quite to eating a healthy breakfast first thing, I can stomach a cup of tea and some protein (peanut butter toast or left over meat from dinner) first thing so I can make it to 8am for second breakfast!

How I Look Most Mornings With My Cup of Tea

• Be organized! The night before, I set out my outfit for the morning in a neat little pile, prep my bag with all the essentials (cellphone, wallet, keys, client programs and a water bottle) and fill my kettle for my morning tea. This way, everything is good to go and I don’t have to stress about looking for things in the dark and potentially waking up my partner before his alarm goes off. Because being stressed out first thing in the morning does not lead to a good day!

Hopefully these tips can help you become more of a morning person (or at least more productive with your mornings!). What are your tips to becoming an early riser?

Happy Mornings!