A couple weekends ago was a wedding weekend! I was privileged to attend my partner’s sisters wedding and it was fantastic and beautiful! (Admitted a bit overwhelming, but that another post.) We stayed at a fantastic location, Lizard Creek Lodge in Fernie, BC, right in the mountains. One of the great surprises and bonuses of Lizard Creek was the hotel gym! It was one of the largest and well equipped hotel gyms that I have ever been too. Perfect for getting in a pre-wedding workout!

Lizard Creek Lodge had both machines and free weights. None of the gyms I attend currently have machines (yay, specialty gyms!) so I designed this workout exclusively for free weights. I prefer free weights anyway! As with anytime I am in a new gym and aren’t quite sure what to expect, I stuck with basic exercises such as squats and presses. Any exercises that you know really well are prefect choices for holiday/vacation workouts, as these workouts shouldn’t be overly complicated yet still give you a good sweat! Also of quick note for holiday workouts, if you go from sea level to a higher elevation (aka the mountains!) your breathing will be affected. Listen to your body, take your time with your warm up, and if need be, slow down a wee bit.

The Lizard Creek Lodge Workout!

Warm Up: 10 mins on stationary bike (mid level resentence.)

Set #1 (complete 3 rounds)
Front Squat w/bar (10x)
Reverse Lunge w/twist (5x/side)
Straight Leg Deadlift w/bar (10x)

Set #2 (Complete 3 rounds)
Chest Press w/dumbbell (10x)
Bent Over Row w/dumbbell (10x/side)
Overhead Press w/bar (10x)

Set #3 (Complete 3 rounds)
Back Extension (Hyperextensions) (10x)
Crunches (20x)
Bicycle Crunch (30x)

Cool down: Static Stretches!

What are your favourite exercises on holidays?

Happy Holiday Workout!