You’ve been putting in the hard work; daily workouts, eating healthy, getting in your shut eye, and working to keep your stress levels under control. You are finally achieving the steps towards leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle! It’s time to reward yourself. And what better reward is there then a vacation? Whether it be sand and surf on the Gold Coast, snow and snuggling in the Rockies, or splendor and sun on the Vegas strip, a vacation can help recharge your batteries and make all the hard work worth it.

But can you truly enjoy a vacation and not undo all your hard work? Yes you can! With a few smart choices, not only can you vacation be memorable, it can even keep you moving towards your ultimate goals! Thanks to, I’ll get to show you how even in a decadent place like the Vegas, you can stay fit and healthy without missing out on the glitz and glamour! Let’s go!

Tip 1: Plan, plan, plan!
• Even before you set foot in Vegas, you can set yourself up for success. Look for hotels that offer gyms and pools as amenities, so you don’t need to go far to get your fitness on! When it comes to food, create a list of restaurants that offer healthy options near your chosen hotel or tourist hotspots. That way you know of good and healthy options when the munchies hit!

Tip 2: Chose active adventures!
• While Vegas is famous for its casinos and shows, there are plenty of other options that get you off your butt and moving about. Why not check out the hiking in Red Rock Canyon, a swimming pool, golfing at one of the multiple courses around Las Vegas, a horseback riding daytrips or simple go for a long walk down the famous Vegas strip. Not only will this help you stay active, just think of the epic stories you’ll have that aren’t stereotypical Vegas! Need some more ideas? Check out these awesome deals!

Tip 3: Pack your active wear!
• While there isn’t any official studies out yet, I do believe that you tend to be more active if you are wearing active wear. So pack your runners and leggings and plan to be moving and shaking the whole day! Further, from both personal experience and from what I’ve heard from family and friends, you tend to walk a lot more then you expect too when exploring a new location. When hitting the strip in Vegas, chose a comfortable (and fashionable!) pair of runners instead of flats or flip flops. Both your feet and legs will that you for the extra support and comfort plus you will be less soar for the next day of adventures.

Don’t forget a good pair of runners!

Tip 4: Go grocery shopping!
• After settling into your hotel room, track down your nearest grocery store and go shopping! By stacking up on fruit, veggies, and nuts in your room, you are less tempted to grab a less healthier option as soon as you pop out of the hotel. Further, it can also help you save a little bit of money, as with most cases, a grocery stores going to be cheaper then grabbing something from a café every time you want a snack. (Win-win!)

Tip 5: Balance is key to enjoyment!
• This is still a vacation and you should be enjoying yourself! Don’t get hung up over every calorie in your drink or if you’ve spent your whole day lounging by the pool. Treat yourself to that second piece of cake or enjoy wandering the strip with your friends without weighing yourself down with guilt. Vacations are also supposed to relax the mind and be a break from the everyday, not a guilt trip. Relax and enjoy yourself!

Relax by the pool. It’s vacation time! (Photo Credit:


What are your favourite ways to stay healthy and fit on vacation?

Happy Holidays!