I’ve been in Australia for about a year and three quarters now and I have yet to do any real appreciation of the amazing cosplay talent down under! I think that I can often get into a bit of a bubble and forget that there is so much more to see besides the 5 or 6 main cosplayers that I follow on Facebook. I think this is made even worse by the fact is I’ve now gone to a couple cons and have actually so many great cosplays in person (see this article for Evolve 2016) and never followed up after the cons to see more amazing cosplays. To fix this, I went on a research mission to find some fantastic Australian cosplayers that I feel deserve some love and appreciation for all their hard work. Hopefully it become a jumping off point for you to discover new talent outside of your own “bubble”.

Here are some cosplayers definitely worth checking out!

Major Sam Cosplay

I first saw Major Sam’s cosplays when they replayed the 2016 Global Cosplay Competition Circuit at C2E2. Her Julieta Nercomancer cosplay was absolutely amazing. It is crazy super detailed and intricate and definitely worth the top prize. Scrolling through her FB page, you will see both professional cosplay shoots and progress shots, showing just how much work goes into each of her piece. (Her needlework alone is impressive!) Major Sam is worth following just to appreciate how much work goes into cosplay.

T_T Costuming

The best portrayal of an Airbender that I’ve ever seen! (I have way more appreciation for this cosplay now that I’ve watched Avatar: The Last Airbender season 1 in it’s entirety now.) It is absolutely spot on! T_T Costuming posts tons of progression photos on FB along with sharing other cosplayers photos, which is something I love. Cosplay is meant to create community and T_T Costuming does that on his page.


She has one of those faces that seems to work for so many cosplays! From Katniss to Rey to Raven, Nichameleon looks almost identical to so many famous characters. On top of her uncanny looks, her extremely accurate cosplays complete each of her characters. Here FB page is full of cosplay photoshoots that bring each character to life and on location photoshoots that are perfectly on point. I am very much a fangirl now!

I know there are tons of other Australian cosplayers out there. Who are your favourites?

Happy Cosplaying!