There is something about doing deadlifts that just makes me feel accomplished. I think it’s that feeling of being able to lift something really heavy without the struggle that squats sometimes bring. Last week, I hit a personal best on my deadlift too! 60kg for 4 reps with a barbell. I lifted my own body weight! Before this last year of training I never really pushed myself to much with weights (especially with bigger lifts), so it feels amazing to see progress and have an awesome comparison!

Now to this weeks workout!

I designed this weeks workout around the deadlift. Unfortunately, I don’t have a large access to barbells, but I do have better access to a large range of kettlebells! (Still a favourite piece of equipement of mine!) The deadlift motion is the same between a barbell and a kettlebell, except you have to pay greater attention not to let your shoulders roll forward with the kettlebell due to the narrower grip. Feel free to substitute a barbell in if you have one for the deadlifts. You will also need a pair of dumbbells and potentially a weight plate, if you have one handy.

The workout!

Complete each exercise once before moving onto the next one. Preform 3-5 rounds of the whole circuit. Warm up prior to the circuit (focus on the legs, skipping, high knees, butt kicks, body weight squats and lunges, etc.) and then use the first round to warm up the body in the exercise. (See weight table below.) Static Stretch and foam roll after the workout

1. Goblet Squat w/Kettlebell
2. Two Hand Kettlebell Swing
3. Kettlebell Deadlift
4. Dumbbell Straight Punches
5. Straight Arm Sit Ups w/Weight Plate

This table is of the weights I personally use. Big thing to remember: I am quite comfortable with KB and these exercises. I put it here as a guide to show how I increase weight per round, to make sure my body is warmed up before lifting heavier weights. Again, Round 1 should be light to check form and see how your body feels in these movements today!

Exercise                 Reps                Round 1 Weight   Round 2-3 Weight     Round 3-5 Weight
Goblet Squat          10                            6kg                          8kg                                    12kg
Two Hand KB Swing 20                       12kg                        16kg                                  20kg
KB Deadlift             10                            16kg                        20kg                                  24kg
DB Punches            30                            2kg                          2kg                                     3kg
Sit Up w/WP           10                             5kg                          5kg                                     10kg

Is there any exercise that makes you feel particularly accomplished or powerful? Leave it in the comments below!

Happy Training!